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Build a custom E-reader or pad enclosure from an old book. The book gets a new life and you get a custom reader enclosure that will impress!!
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Step 1: Select A Book

Picture of Select A Book
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Choose your book wisely!! Consider the strength of the binding, the attractiveness of the cover art, and the size!!! The book is going to experience a major transformation and hopefully begin a long new life so it is essential that the binding be strong enough to last. The cover art should also be appealing, as it will be "every book" in it's new life!! The book should also be sized so as to do the job with minimal weight. I selected an old math textbook that met the criteria for my needs.

Step 2: Cut A Pocket For The Reader

Picture of Cut A Pocket For The Reader
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Once the perfect book is chosen, trace the device dimensions on the last page of the book. Use a hobby knife and scissors to cut the shape out... Continue to a depth somewhat greater than the thickness of the reader device. The pocket may be somewhat smaller than the device at this stage. Place a thin cutting board between the pages at the desired stopping depth.

Step 3: Glue The Pocket!

Picture of Glue The Pocket!
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Start at the center most hollowed page of the book and glue all pages together moving toward the back of the book. Remove a few pages periodically to compensate for glue thickness. Lastly, glue the back of the book to the stack. Place a sheet of wax paper at the transition to complete pages. Clamp the completed job until dry.

Step 4: Trim The Pocket To Exact Size

Picture of Trim The Pocket To Exact Size
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Use the hobby knife blade to trim the rough inside surface until the device fits snugly. The device must not be too loose, but also needs to fit easily. The glued pages cut like soft pine and can be sculpted easily. Use the device to "fit check" until it fits nicely, and can be contained in the closed book.
bird1234572 years ago
What a good idea!