I bought a Kindle Paperwhite recently and was looking for a good hard case cover for it. I found few instructables where they were using elastic bands on the edges of the reader to hold it. I did not like that idea, so went with creating the one below.

Step 1: Materials Required

MDF/Acrylic or Plywood sheets of 2mm thickness (you can use any of them)
Synthetic Adhesive
Rexin / Faux leather (approx 2'x2')
Elastic (preferably round cross section)
Foam sheet (2'x1') !5mm thick or anything lying around would do

You will need access to Sewing machine
Sticker Cutting machine/ Laser cutting machine required for making the logo (optional)

Nice work. I suggest adding a magnet in the lower corner so it would auto-sleep and wake up.
Would a thin piece of MDF between the large pieces used as the covers offer a bit more protection and give it a more &quot;book like&quot; feel (the small piece would be a &quot;spine&quot; for the book). <br>
Yes, you are right. Initially I had thought that the flexible spine would help me fold the flap to the back easily and went with this. For a book like feel, you can definitely add a small piece for better protection. As I have used a layer of foam within the flexible resin spine, it feels soft but thick. I believe it should take care of the accidental drops. If you have access to foam board, you can use it instead of MDF to reduce weight. <br> <br>This cover helps me to read by keeping the reader on my tummy when I am reading on the bed. I fold the cover and place it next to me on the bed when I am lying on one of my shoulders. I would say, that is a big plus for me :)
Gorgeous work, and I love the photos :D
Thank you Jessy! :)

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