Step 3:

3.) Time for some jute twine

Start by crating a loop, it needs to be a bit longer than the piece of fatwood.

There are many ways you can wrap them but I prefer the "Lashing" loop.
<p> Jute, I know what that is. But not familiar with fatwood. Where do you get it? This is a very good thing to learn and I love that it is so compact, and can be used for many, many uses. Thanks! :)</p>
You can find fatwood in pine woods or buy it, i found this on the Walmart website:<br>http://www.walmart.com/ip/Duraflame-Fatwood-Firelighter/32468459
Definitely a more compact way to carry it and now have to empty another tin of Altoids to carry your firemaking kit.
Thanks for commenting! I found that any waterproof case works well, these can also be dipped in wax to help waterproof them. Fatwood is naturally water resistant but jute twin is not :( Thanks again for the comment =)
Sorry, meant &quot; not have to empty another tin.&quot;
Ahh gotcha. As soon as I find my Camera I'm going to post another 'ible on Survival food bars so stay tuned =)

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