We developed a method for piloting an Arduino-controlled quadcopter using a Microsoft Kinect. The Kinect tracks a user’s hand gestures and converts them to X, Y, Z coordinates. This output is then transmitted to the quadcopter via two Xbee modules (since each can only put out two PWM signals), which control the quadcopter. 

All code found here.

Parts list:
- 4x: Turnigy 2826-6 2000kv motor from HobbyKing
- 1x: 7x3.8 Turnigy slow fly prop R/H rotation 4 pack from HobbyKing
- 1x: 7x3.8 Turnigy slow fly prop standard rotation 4 pack from HobbyKing
- 1x: Hobbyking sk450 glass fiber frame from HobbyKing
- 1x: Arduino Uno R3 from Amazon
- 4x: Hobbyking 50A red brick electronic speed controller from HobbyKing
- 1x: 5000mAh Turnigy 3S 20C Lipo Battery from HobbyKing
- 1x: IMAX B6 charger from HobbyKing
- 1x: 100-240v 5A hobbyKing power supply from HobbyKing
- 1x: Kootek GY-521 MPU-6050 3-axial gyroscope and accelerometer from Amazon
- 1x: SainSmart Xbee shield module for Arduino Uno from Amazon
- 4x: XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4) from Amazon
- 2x: SainSmart XBee USB Adapter for Arduino UNO from Amazon
- 1x: Xbox Kinect for Windows from Amazon

Step 1: Assemble Quadcopter

Constructed frame – attached arms to body
Added the four motors to the arms
Added speed controllers and the rest of the components
Constructed wiring harness
- Four powers
- Four grounds (handle 30 amps)
- Two powers and two grounds for Arduinos (handle 500 milliamps)
<p>can you povide the sketches for the circuit??</p>
<p>Can you provide the sketches for the circuits??</p>
<p>Any alternatives to the $400 Windows Kinect? I'm really interested in this project, but I'm certainly not made of money.</p>
<p>Did some more research, but still need an answer. I found that you can buy adapters to convert an Xbox 360 Kinect (which I own) to USB. Now my question is: If I do this conversion, will I still be able to use the kinect for this project (will it still have the right capabilities)? Thanks in advance!</p>
<p>Do you think you could go into a little more detail on building the quad itself or an link with good instructions?</p><p>I think this instructable is amazing though! A group of us are doing this instructable and having a lot of fun!</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>So does this project require two arduino unos or just one? You stated in the materials list that we only needed one Arduino but this page says we need two so which is it? Thanks.</p>
Mind sharing the code you used or a link to the specific openni.org Processing application you made use of? <br /> <br />This is cool, but it'll be pretty tough to replicate with the skeletal instructions here.
There you go, fully updated!
Are you sending a PWM signal or the representative dutycycle value? Because sending multiple dutycycle vales shouldn't be a problem. And the xBee isn't exactly the cheapest module.

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