Step 8: Install the Lifting Devices and Add Track and Elements

Picture of Install the Lifting Devices and Add Track and Elements
Start installing the marble track by first installing the first lifting device and then add track and elements until you have worked your way around the room.

Keep looking ahead to make sure the track you are installing is not lower then the next lifting device.  You don't want to spend a bunch of time designing a lifting device and then have your marble track end up lower than what the lifting device can accept.

One thing that helps in the placement of the track supports is to mark all of the studs in the wall (if you plan on attaching to them) with blue painters tape.  This will help you figure out where you want the track and element supports.

djsfantasi4 years ago
I get it. The picture in step 9 showed me how the wheel lifter worked. Awesome!
papop4 years ago
THIS is TOO cool...I want one for Christmas!!! Really fun instructable....perfect project to build during winter months or when you run out of important things to do...My granddaughters would love this...have to consider building one...Thanks much for sharing, Steve.
tulsa_jerm4 years ago
I know you're probably way busy with life and other instructables, but could you post a close-up of the marbles entering/leaving the wheel? That would help a ton for those of us who still don't completely get it. ;)

Did you use a template for the big circle and other wheel parts? Could you post a few shots of those?

Okay, I'm asking a lot, sorry about that! But this is really neat! I spent way too much money once on ebay buying SpaceWarp kits but never did get around to building the track-around-the-house! This looks good enough that my wife might actually let me do it!

Thanks for the awesome instructable!
emehollin4 years ago
Absolutely incredible. I want to build one for my grandson. I do have a question, though. I am a little unclear how the wheel lift picks up the marble and then disgorges it later. Any hints will be appreciated. Now, if I can just get my son-in-law to let me put holes in the wall to hang the thing!