My first attempt at doing a King Cobra Weave for a key chain lanyard. I think it turned out pretty damn good if I might say so myself! :)

For my no exist the words &quot; I can't&quot;. I like very your web page , because is wonderfull, its most easy mi life with us notes, all very practice and easy. <br> <br>Never stop girls and boys. You can ever.
I want to try this in a dictator weave! (thats a weave, over a weave, over a weave, over a weave!)
that would look huge if you done that, but i bet it would look sweet!
Looks damn good. Now you just need to attach some keys that open bad-ass things like gun lockers and gas station restrooms.
Thanks man!! I'm a little addicted to paracord now, just gotta find more projects. :)

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Bio: Bearded man with a passion for paracord.
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