Hi. This is my first attempt at woodworking and im glad that it worked great. Going low on budget I thought of making my own furniture instead of hiring a carpenter or buying a ready bed. I always loved to have things of my own specs and designs.
Instructables helped understanding the basics of a bed. Then I came up with my own designs.

Step 1: Sides and headboard

<p>Can the bed be dissembled in case of transferring it to various distance places?. And yes, kindly indicate the procedures please.</p>
<p>This is really quite nicely done! And the little s torage drawers below the bed are lovely additions too! I would work your way up to other woods to try your hand at after this. Good job!</p>
<p>I want to do this! Need instructions please!</p>
Nice work. :) Gotta love that mattress. :D <br> <br>I'm about to build something similar except I will be utilising under bed plastic storage boxes that pull out for ease. Mind, looks like I will have a little more access than here so I can take advantage of it. <br> <br>Regards, Maz.
I recognize this paper covering. It is sticky shelf self-stick paper from the Dollarama! 1$ a roll. Must have cost a small fortune to buy enough for the entire project, they don't include much on a roll.
how much was the material cost?
get outta here! <br>I can't believe this is your first woodwork attempt?<br><br>it's amazing!!!<br><br>please keep posting stuff you make.<br>
This is really interesting. I&nbsp;would like to make one. I&nbsp;can easily follow the pictures, however, can you tell me what size wood, moulding, and plywood you used?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thank you for posting this, I&nbsp;can't wait to make one.<br />
The bed looks nice! But more detailed instructions on how you pieced everything together would be beneficial to your readers. Also, where did you get that mattress?<br />
Looks really nice.&nbsp; I'm wondering if dresser drawers could be used turned on their sides...hmmm-wouldn't be as beautiful as yours, but might work well for a person with a small room and low budget.
...you could have just made this a slide show. as it is, there are no actual instructions for anything, just headings and pictures
Sorry buddy. I have have yet more to update on this.
FLAPS! Yay<br />
Sorry buddy. I have have yet more to update on this.<br />

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