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A few years ago, I designed and built this headboard for my wife (fiance at the time) when we lived apart.  It plugs into any 1 standard wall outlet, and includes 2 light switches for the overhead lights (3-way switches so either side would control them), and 4 regular outlets (2 on each side at the base) in order to accommodate anything we'd ever need to plug in on our side.  I built it with the intent that no matter where we moved, no matter what room it went in, there would be outlets and lights for us - no more fighting over the 1 plug 10 feet away for our clocks and cell phone chargers!  The original was made to fit a queen bed on one of those cheap metal frames with a box spring nestled in it.

Fast forward - 2 big dogs, and 1 kid later (with another on the way), we've decided it's time to get a KING SIZE BED.  I can't really reuse this headboard anymore, so I've decided to start from scratch and build another!  This time around, we decided to do a solid wood headboard (no padding or colors like the old one), and will also incorporate a platform bed with drawers.

Step 1: Materials List

I did the best I could along the way to save receipts.  I'm sure I forgot something here or there, but for the most part, it's all listed.  Some things I bought on sale, some things I found on eBay, the rest were from Home Depot.

I added about $20 in screws/nails because I buy those in bulk and had a supply of them already on hand.

This is approximately the order that I used the materials throughout the project, so if you wanted to buy in stages, just start at the top and work your way down.

In the end, the "guts" of the project totaled $350, and the wood flooring to cover was $50.
That's awsome. Great Job and thanks for the instructions.
Don't need the whole bed frame, but I've been looking for a headboard idea. I may have to see what I can do with your idea. Thank you for sharing.
I decided I needed more projects. So I'm building a loft bed for our daughter and a new queen size bed for us. I really like what you've done here and it's helped me with my plans. I think the biggest changes I'm going to make is having another drawer on each side where the end tables are. I'll have the room (sort of). Thank you for sharing this.
I like the use of the deck hangers!
You do awesome work! This is an awesome bed!
Great bed; especially the hardwood flooring finish. I'll borrow the carcass for a design of my own. Great job!
This is majorly cool! And adding the outlets and 2-way switches is pure genius!
Beautiful. I'm hoping this will convince my wife to agree to let me build my own. Love the lighting and electrical. Well done sir!
WOW! I never would have thought to use the flooring like this! It opens up many possible uses for future projects. Thanks for the idea, and nice build on many levels!
Favorited. <br> <br>I'm not an electrician either, but I'd probably use the wiring that is encased in flexible metal conduit - just in case. Wouldn't want a spark to ruin such a great bed! <br> <br>I love that you can finish it anyway you want. Thanks!
WHAT AN AWESOME BUILD! I totally need something like this in my tiny room.....Thanks for all of your great build plans and photographs.

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