Making props for cosplay or just because can be loads of fun.

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a the Kingdom Key from the popular Playstation Game Kingdom Hearts.

I personally love to make things and also love video games. These two things have culminated in the me creating a Keyblade.
The methods I am using can be used for making other props and pieces of cosplay as well. It is relatively easy to do, and is also rather inexpensive.

If at any point you are confused, feel free to message me. I would be happy to clarify or help in anyway.

Here is the basic method to make this. This Instructable goes more in depth for each step, breaking it down, and what not.
1. Draw it.
2. Cut it out.
3. Spackle
4. Prime
5. Bondo
6. Paint
7. Varnish
8. Final assembly.

COST: ~$45
TIME: ~7 Days


Rigid Foam Insulation $6 - The link is not actually what I got, but it is basically the same thing. I got 1in x 2ft x 2ft. If you cannot find that, you can always get the 1/2in and double it up. It is in the Building Materials section.

1" PVC Class 200 $1 - They sell it in 10ft pieces, but you only need about 4ft. When you are going to buy it, MAKE SURE THE 3/4" PVC WILL FIT INSIDE. If not you will have to sand down the pipe to fit them together.

3/4" PVC $1 - This is sold in 2ft pieces, get the 2ft pieces

Liquid Nail : Projects $4

Spackle $5 - I already had Spackle, so what I suggest is get the Spackle with the fastest dry time, speeds stuff up quite a bit.)

Various Sandpaper Grits $10

Gesso $8 - Or any foam safe primer. If not, the foam will melt. I didn't use a foam safe primer, I used Kilz. It melted the foam, but it is not that big of a problem if enough Spackle is used

Bondo $11 - This is in the paint section. It is used to fill cracks in automotives, but we are using it to harden and protect the foam. It prevents the foam from snapping in the future. Before you buy this, pull off the white cap and check to make sure there is a tube labeled cream hardener. The hardener is very important.

Disposable Gloves $2

Paint $8- For this, you need Black, Gold, Silver, and Blue. I got Metallic Silver spray paint and a Golden Yellow. I decided to use Acrylic paint for the blue and black since it was only a little bit needed

Varnish $7 - I got Miniwax Polyurethane clear gloss, though depending on what other project you are doing, you may want semi-gloss or satin finish


Saws - Jig and straight
razor blade - Needs to be sharp. Can be taken from a box cutter.
Measuring devices- Yard Stick/Measuring Tape, Ruler
Square/Triangle/90 degree angle
Plastic Spatula (to mix the Bondo)
Popsicle Sticks ( for spreading the Spackle and Bondo)

There are other methods of cutting the foam (such as hot knives and electric wires) and they would work just as well as a razor.

Mielameri1 year ago
Nice! Straightforward and pretty easy, too :)! Love this series so much