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Introduction: Kingdom of Chocolate

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This instructables well help you create your very own Kingdom of Chocolate!  My hope is you will take the instructions I give you and put your own chocolate fantasy twist on it!  So, let's get to it!

Step 1: Materials Needed

When I decided to do this, I may have gotten a little crazy in what I bought to make this all come together.  So, in the end I did not use everything photographed.  I will at the end give some tips of suggestions of other items you could use.  That said let's jump right in!

Materials Needed

9" L X 9" W X 2" D Pan (I used two but you can easily use one over and over again)
2 Chocolate cake mixes (brand of your choice)
4 containers of chocolate frosting (brand of your choice)
2 packages of chocolate sandwich cookies
3 Containers of Milk Chocolate Rock candy
1 King size Kit-Kat
Black food coloring
1 Bag of Andes Mints
1 Package cake mate (4 small frosting tubes classic colors)

Step 2: Time to Bake

Spray your pan and mix your cake mix with the required ingredient on the package.

For my cake, I split one boxed cake mix between two pans.  After baking I realized it needed to be taller, so I ran out bought another cake mix and baked the whole thing in one pan.

Tip: In retrospect I should have used a whole cake mix in each pan not splitting it out.  In good news, my error will be your win! :)

Step 3: Chill Out Cake!

Remove the cakes from their pans and let them cool.  This just speeds up your cooling process.  I threw mine on plates.

Note: Here you see the cakes I split the batter between.  You will notice they are pretty small, so again I'd suggest using a whole mix in one pan.

Step 4: Building Blocks

Time to start building! 

Find something to put your cakes on.  I had a subway party tray that I saved and used it.  Anything will work as long as you can turn the cake around as you decorate. 

Take the frosting and use it as a mortar between the layers of cake.  Stack the cakes like building blocks one on top of the other, then frost completely over the stack cakes.

Note: I started out with the two, when I realize it just wasn't tall enough I baked the other cake.  You will notice, my top is larger than my bottom.  This is due to the fact that I split the first mix in two.  So, my advise to you is bake the cakes, and if one is smaller than on other clearly put the larger cake on the bottom.

Step 5: Cookie Tower Time

Once everything is frosted you will start to build your cookie towers.  you will need to put frosting between every cookie you use.  Do your best to line them up straight.  Once you have your cookie towers done, it's time to frost them on the outside.

Step 6: Adding Details

Take the Andes Crème de Menthe and place them around the top of the cake horizontal.  Cut or break some mints in half.  Place those vertical along the top of the towers as well as spaced out above the horizontal Andes Crème de Menthe.

Step 7: If You Build It.....

Now you can start adding your chocolate rock candy. I seperated my "rocks" out by browns, light colors (blue, white, purple), and red.  Start adding the rocks leaving some frosting between to give a stone look to your castle.  Make sure you vary the color.  You don't want a huge clump of one color, you want them dispersed around.  Decide which part of your cake is going to be the front and create an arch way.  This will be your door for your draw bridge.

Step 8: "Dark" Chocolate

Your door way needs to be darker than the rest of your cake to give you an illusion of depth.  Take some chocolate frosting and mix it with a few drops of black food coloring.  Mix them together and you will get a nice black frosting.  I mixed min in the lid of one of my empty frosting containers. 

Step 9: Lower the Bridge!

Place your black frosting in the arch way.  Take half of  your king sized kit-kat and create your draw bridge.  Depending on the size of your archway will depend on how much of your kit-kat that you use for your draw bridge. 

Note: I wasn't thinking, I was just so excited to make this chocolate castle!  I would suggest putting the black frosting on first before the rocks.

Step 10: Details

Now that you have your cake complete you can add some fun flair.  I had two little copper knights that I threw next to the castle for some fun.  I used the extra rock candy to put around the base.  I used blue frosting to give a water look and some green to give a grass/moss effect around the castle.

Step 11: Tips and Tricks

So after you make something you immediately realize that there are things you could change to make it better. 

So Tips for Improvement:

Two cakes using two cake mixes.  This will save you time, frosting, and headache.
Put on the dark black frosting before putting on the rock candy.


Can't find rock candy?  Don't' fret.  I found that the Hershey cookie and cream dots also looked rock like.  You can use the back side so you don't have the word Hershey all over your cake.  They are not perfectly round so you will still get a stone like feel.

Not a mint fan?  No worries!  You can use bit sized candy bars instead.

Can't stand sandwich cookies?  No problem!  Make rice crispy treats and roll them into cylinders and frost.

Can't stomach so much chocolate.  Don't' sweat it, use a different cake and frosting. 

Feel free to ask questions, I'll be happy to answer them.  If you make a Cake Kingdom I'd love to see it please post a pic!


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    Someone should so make this and soup it up and put it in the cake decorating contest! :)

    No word yet, fingers crossed! I know everyone in the finals is on the edge of their seat! Likely eating chocolate to keep themselves calm. :)

    im gonna go crazy n make this..hehe! i think i'll eat half of it before even completing it..heheh!

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    Take pictures! I'd love to see it! I can not lie, some rocks did not make to the cake but into my moat-o-stomach instead as I was building!

    xD. Have this on Man v Food, see if that dude can eat the whole cake! It's so big! And nommy. NOM NOM NOM!

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    I think the guy would vomit! It was super rich! However, I too would love to see someone would be very entertaining! :)

    It would be very entertaining, and ya, most likely to vomit with so much sugar. One smaaall bite at a time. :P

    Yep! There is so much chocolate and sugar one would vomit if they ate it all. The good news? I don't think it would taste so bad the second time around. (gross to think about....but so true!)

    I love all the little extras you used such as the blue icing to appear as a water moat around the castle---way cool idea!! Hope you win.

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    It was pretty good, but it was rich a small piece went a long way. I worried I would throw people into diabetic comas! I made this to enter myself in the chocolate contest, so I wanted to go big and make everything out of chocolate. If I make it again, I think I would do a white cake and a chocolate cake, with vanilla icing with some black food coloring to make it grey, more castle like. :) I had such a blast making this and a great time hearing how many people loved it and had never heard of chocolate rock!

    Thanks a million! I fed it to people at work today, and they loved it! Not a single piece was left. Pretty darn cool. :)