Step 8: "Dark" Chocolate

Your door way needs to be darker than the rest of your cake to give you an illusion of depth.  Take some chocolate frosting and mix it with a few drops of black food coloring.  Mix them together and you will get a nice black frosting.  I mixed min in the lid of one of my empty frosting containers. 
Someone should so make this and soup it up and put it in the cake decorating contest! :)
Has this won yet???
No word yet, fingers crossed! I know everyone in the finals is on the edge of their seat! Likely eating chocolate to keep themselves calm. :)
I love this cake--hope it wins
Thanks so much! I'm so excited I could burst!
im gonna go crazy n make this..hehe! i think i'll eat half of it before even completing it..heheh!
Take pictures! I'd love to see it! I can not lie, some rocks did not make to the cake but into my moat-o-stomach instead as I was building!
xD. Have this on Man v Food, see if that dude can eat the whole cake! It's so big! And nommy. NOM NOM NOM!
I think the guy would vomit! It was super rich! However, I too would love to see someone try...it would be very entertaining! :)
It would be very entertaining, and ya, most likely to vomit with so much sugar. One smaaall bite at a time. :P
Yep! There is so much chocolate and sugar one would vomit if they ate it all. The good news? I don't think it would taste so bad the second time around. (gross to think about....but so true!)
I love all the little extras you used such as the blue icing to appear as a water moat around the castle---way cool idea!! Hope you win.
Thanks, you are so sweet! It was so much fun to make!
Wow, really looks so cool! Already drooling...
It was yummy. :)
I'm hungry... I wish I worked with you!
It was pretty good, but it was rich a small piece went a long way. I worried I would throw people into diabetic comas! I made this to enter myself in the chocolate contest, so I wanted to go big and make everything out of chocolate. If I make it again, I think I would do a white cake and a chocolate cake, with vanilla icing with some black food coloring to make it grey, more castle like. :) I had such a blast making this and a great time hearing how many people loved it and had never heard of chocolate rock!
Holy cow that is stunning!
Thanks a million! I fed it to people at work today, and they loved it! Not a single piece was left. Pretty darn cool. :)

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