Kipkay's Video Tips & Tricks 2





Introduction: Kipkay's Video Tips & Tricks 2

Here are some great tricks for anyone who uses a camcorder. Whether professional or amateur, these tips are cheap, quick and easy.

Step 1: Tips #1

Most modern camcorders have LCD screens that can get scratched or marred up. Many even have touch controls that leave more room for damage. Keep it protected by using a PDA Screen Protector cut to the shape of your screen. You can get a whole package of these and keep them for the life of you camcorder!

Step 2: Tips #2

Ever get caught shooting footage outdoors and it begins to drizzle or rain real hard? I carry a small beach chair umbrella with a clamp in my trunk and if the weather starts turning sour, I pull it out and attach it to my tripod and protect my camera from the water. Also, works good for a real hot sunny day to keep your from burning up.

Step 3: Tips #3

I use my MiniDV tapes alot and try to get a few runs out of them before I toss them. In order to know what's on the tapes, you have to mark them somewhere. I used to use pen or pencil and mark up the case sleeve. Now I use a China Marker or grease pencil, mark it with what's on it and then I can just wipe it off when it's time to re-use it.

Step 4: Tips #4

I've been out on a few video shoots and have shot for a long time and if you have ever done this, you know how squinting in the eyepiece can be annoying. An easy solution is to carry a small eyepiece with you. It takes up almost no space and you can make one out of a small piece of cloth and rubber bands too.

Step 5: Tip #5

I finally found out a good use for those plastic tabs that come on bread, hot dog buns, hamburger rolls and other bread packaging. I have quite a "bird's nest" of cables behind some of my equipment and sometimes I have to remove a deck or other equipment. Just write what the cable is on the bread tag and attach it to the cable! I hope these tips help you out and make shooting video easier!



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    Ahhh Kipkay, it's 'a lot' not 'alot'

    China Marker is genus, sharpening on the go...

    curse you kipkay, he stole my waffle

    I'm having some problems with shadows, what would you suggest me to use for lights? (p.s. I'm broke so can't buy anything) what kinda house light?

    hi kipkay im doing a video with 2 camera phones both the same make nokia n95's can u sugest any software for where on a video the switch camera? coz this is sort of a protest video to MP Jim Fitzpatrick about him disagreeing about kids seeing the damage a gun can do


    Awesome! how much one of these camera cost ?

    A HD sony like that Cost 'Bout 3,800 dollars

    HVR-V1U $3200. DSR-PDX10 $1500

    Kip i like the Pirate patch, but you know you can buy a plain one at the drug store. Lol

    yea, but pirates rock! lol, but yea, ill go, with the umm..... pirate one too...

    not to be a [] square, but it says camcroder, it should be camcorder :)