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Here are some great tricks for anyone who uses a camcorder. Whether professional or amateur, these tips are cheap, quick and easy.

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Most modern camcorders have LCD screens that can get scratched or marred up. Many even have touch controls that leave more room for damage. Keep it protected by using a PDA Screen Protector cut to the shape of your screen. You can get a whole package of these and keep them for the life of you camcorder!

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Ever get caught shooting footage outdoors and it begins to drizzle or rain real hard? I carry a small beach chair umbrella with a clamp in my trunk and if the weather starts turning sour, I pull it out and attach it to my tripod and protect my camera from the water. Also, works good for a real hot sunny day to keep your from burning up.

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I use my MiniDV tapes alot and try to get a few runs out of them before I toss them. In order to know what's on the tapes, you have to mark them somewhere. I used to use pen or pencil and mark up the case sleeve. Now I use a China Marker or grease pencil, mark it with what's on it and then I can just wipe it off when it's time to re-use it.

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I've been out on a few video shoots and have shot for a long time and if you have ever done this, you know how squinting in the eyepiece can be annoying. An easy solution is to carry a small eyepiece with you. It takes up almost no space and you can make one out of a small piece of cloth and rubber bands too.

Step 5: Tip #5

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I finally found out a good use for those plastic tabs that come on bread, hot dog buns, hamburger rolls and other bread packaging. I have quite a "bird's nest" of cables behind some of my equipment and sometimes I have to remove a deck or other equipment. Just write what the cable is on the bread tag and attach it to the cable! I hope these tips help you out and make shooting video easier!


lol XD (author)2010-09-30

Ahhh Kipkay, it's 'a lot' not 'alot'

China Marker is genus, sharpening on the go...

briackman (author)2009-07-19

curse you kipkay, he stole my waffle

moesboy (author)2009-02-03

I'm having some problems with shadows, what would you suggest me to use for lights? (p.s. I'm broke so can't buy anything) what kinda house light?

macca4life (author)2008-10-17

hi kipkay im doing a video with 2 camera phones both the same make nokia n95's can u sugest any software for where on a video the switch camera? coz this is sort of a protest video to MP Jim Fitzpatrick about him disagreeing about kids seeing the damage a gun can do

ac1D (author)2008-04-02

Awesome! how much one of these camera cost ?

acaz93 (author)ac1D2008-04-02

A HD sony like that Cost 'Bout 3,800 dollars

Kipkay (author)acaz932008-04-02

HVR-V1U $3200. DSR-PDX10 $1500

joeny1980 (author)Kipkay2008-05-14

Kip i like the Pirate patch, but you know you can buy a plain one at the drug store. Lol

wolf555hound (author)joeny19802008-09-06

yea, but pirates rock! lol, but yea, ill go, with the umm..... pirate one too...

A good name (author)Kipkay2008-04-14

not to be a [] square, but it says camcroder, it should be camcorder :)

ac1D (author)Kipkay2008-04-05

Saying I would like a medium(good) quality camera, would I be better with a pdx10, or a gl2? I heard they are both good for 2000- camera.

acaz93 (author)Kipkay2008-04-03

Which one is Yours . Mr. kip

Hoopajoo (author)ac1D2008-04-02

About $10,000

countbastrad (author)2008-07-14

I just wanted to say thank you for these. They're great tips that I never would have thought of myself.

shooby (author)2008-04-03

I was just thinking last night, as I ate 4 pieces of toasted raisin-bread with butter, what a good use would be for the bread bag tabs. Great idea, even though I don't have a lot of chords to deal with.

cyber_meat (author)2008-04-02

wow i just threw those bread thingies out i think i will start saving them from now on

asianwizard (author)2008-04-02

and you have a secondary camera to record those expensive cameras =]

gamer (author)2008-04-02

cant wait for volume 3! are you a professional camera man, or an amature? i see you have deacent equipment (i mean... really good equipment!)

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-02

Awesome job once again, your tips are awesome!

asyrith (author)2008-04-02

Kipkay, you rock! I was really excited to see a volume 2 up here. Great tips! Thanks for sharing with us! +1

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