Picture of Kirby Costume
Here's a simple Kirby costume we made for Halloween.

Step 1: Create the body

Picture of Create the body
We bought the biggest and cheapest yoga ball we could find.

Overinflated it so it was big enough that my son could fit inside.

Then we paper mached the whole thing with 3-4 layers. I found it was easier to just rub the paste all over then stick large sheets of newspaper on top the rub more paste on that.

We had it sitting on a bucket that served as the opening in the bottom.

Once it was completely dry just deflate and remove the yoga ball.
I really want to try to make this costume!
But do you know what size yoga ball you used?
rhaggart (author)  Stephers4for41 year ago
pretty sure it was 70 or 75 cm ball.

Was it hard?

sdagostini1 year ago
I just finished paper mache on the yoga ball. I did about 3.5 layers with glue/water mix and it's my first time doing paper mache so I'm really hoping it works. My son doesn't want the legs to be his so I'm going to put him in black pants and shoes and just make cardboard shaped red Kirby legs and attach them to the bottom of the ball - somehow. :)
cubbydebry1 year ago
Will it fit through a door?
rhaggart (author)  cubbydebry1 year ago
good point. no it did not. luckily we built it in the garage.
Is supposed to be hard?
I just took a pink shirt and drew a Kirby face on it with crayon. I don't think it's as important for it to look like Kirby as it is to look cute. This year I'm being a Pikmin and trying to make the costume less like a Teletubby and more like a Pikmin. I think it worked.
Not that this isn't cute.
gwenif1 year ago
This level of awesomeness is just great!!