Picture of Kirby's Epic Yarn Plush II
Hey Instructabrarians!
Today's October 17th, an extremely exciting day that I have been looking forward to for several months now  ever since it was announced last July, 2010.  That's right, today is the North American release date for Nintendo Wii's newest game Kirby's Epic Yarn!  I could not be more excited about this game (it's Kirby's first Wii game and his first console platformer in 11 years) so in honor of this new game I'm providing a follow up to my first  Kirby's Epic Yarn Plush, this time with Meta Knit, String DeDeDe and Prince Fluff!

Editors Note: Since this was just a fun sequel and I probably won't be going in depth that much, I'm not considering this in my overall Instructables Canon.  I'll be posting my official sixth sometime this week. 
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Step 1: Abstract & Materials

Picture of Abstract & Materials
I wasn't quite sure how exactly to categorize this, since they are essentially three different projects.  However, I decided that since they are easy enough to make, rather than make three separate Instructables for each, I'll just create an amalgamation.

So from 2 -5 I'll be discussing Meta Knight, from 6-9 will be DeDeDe, and from 10-12 will be Prince Fluff.

1) Tacky Glue 
2) Yarn
      -Light Blue
3) Felt
      -Tan/ Off white
      -Light Blue

Step 2: Meta Knight (Knit)

Picture of Meta Knight (Knit)
KEY Meta Knight.png.png
Let's begin with Meta Knight shall we?

Now when I created my Meta Knight Yarn patch, the official template for the character hadn't come out yet.  I ended up doing a rough approximation based on previous designs of him from Kirby's Dreamland.  It ended up being pretty close too, so the same methodology will apply.

Anyway, just like the Kirby Yarn, download the template.

Step 3: Create The Outline

Picture of Create The Outline
Pretty self explanatory here.  Using a felt tip marker or a pencil, start by tracing the outline of whichever Meta Knight outline you chose.  Then, cut out each individual segments (ie his feet, arms, sword and mask) and then trace them along the felt as well.
billy79864 years ago
the time warp is the most realistic kirby-meta knight story one ive ever heard.