Introduction: Kirigami Battle Puppets

Kirigami is origami but using scissors. You will need 2 people and 2 puppets. This one is Luke Skyfolder. And this is my first instruct able so be nice. :D

Step 1: Prep the Paper

Fold your printer paper into fourths and cut

Step 2: Fold the Hair

Fold a little on the top to make hair. You can make it flat or rounded.

Step 3: Fold the Body

Fold the body up enough to make a decent sized head.

Step 4: Make It More Puppet Like

Flip over, and make these folds

Step 5: Lock Your Puppet

Take one flap and stick it into the other

Step 6: The Rest Is Optional

To make your puppets fancy, make sure you add this fun stuff that takes a few seconds to make.

Step 7: Two Face

Use an extra piece of your 4 and cut a piece that fits your puppet's face.

Step 8: Installing Your Face

Slide into body and slide up under hair.

Step 9: Now... LIGHTSABERS!

To make it where you can hold it, cut a little snip that can hold small stuff.

Step 10: Making Your Lightsaber

Cut one piece in half, fold up a little, and three fold it then lock.

Step 11: Put in Lightsaber and Decorate!

It's simple. Now you're done! You can also cut your lightsaber down to size.

Step 12: How to Battle

Basicly you just thumb war. First puppet to Hit the ground loses.


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