Introduction: Kirigami Flakes to Decorate Your Halloween Party

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With the technique Kirigami we can make a variety of figures for all events and decorations you want, in this there is no limit only your imagination , and this time you can not miss the flakes for Halloween to decorate walls or doors of your house .

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Bond paper sheets A4 size color or black Card


Pencil or white

a drilling

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Although they look alike these flakes are not, if you notice in the picture above are different centers Snowflake because I played a bit with the cuts , this is a way to have fun need not be left equal to one more cuts at random do its flakes only be seen, no matter how times you want to do from experience I say that none will remain the same this is the best of this technique as well as real flakes that no one equals another same happens with the technique kirigami .


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