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SO last winter I went to LUMS PSIFI, and we participated in Robowars, the battle of robots. We got knocked out right in the semi-final so here are some pictures of our robot. :) It was the first time we had made a robot, so we were unaware of quite a lot of things and so it our robot wasn't perfect and we lost due to a decrease in voltage of the batteries. 

Qais Iqbal
Murtaza Tunio
Minaam Abbas
Saad Hirani
Manish Kumar

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jm090770 (author)2014-10-12

incredible! please continue sharing projects like this!

abdullaharoon (author)2012-12-19

where to get the transmitter and reciever........and do i need an esc(electronic speed control)?
reply asap!!

We just took it out of old RC cars. I suggest you do the same.

jojo9 (author)2012-12-17

and the circuitry once again ... i am talking about the circuit board and all that stuff in it ... not the wiring and all ... did u make the circuit board and all controls in it yourself ??

howtowithmanish (author)jojo92012-12-17

Yes we did. We did everything ourselves. We had no professional help. :P

jojo9 (author)2012-12-17

okay ... since i am preparing to make 1 of this kind ... did u ever feel that your design had drawbacks such as being a bit too high from the ground? Or perhaps the outer body not strong enuf in the combat part when it got hit ?? ... and one more thing .... a 40 min max battery time is more than enuf right ?? for psifi events this is

howtowithmanish (author)jojo92012-12-17

Alright mainly our robot was overweight by 2 KG. So work on that. Secondly, this specific model was too slow. But that was primarily because our Battery got pretty weak towards the end. So work on that. Get extra batteries if possible. The outer body was strong enough. Not much damage was done though. I think the battery time is enough. Good Luck and you should have started a long time ago to be honest.

jojo9 (author)2012-12-17

oh ... and what batteries did u use ??? as in rating and all ??

howtowithmanish (author)jojo92012-12-17

I'm not sure of the exact rating. But we used two 12 Volt Batteries.

jojo9 (author)2012-12-17

umm hi .. where did u get the circuitry done from ??? u didnt make it yourself right ??

howtowithmanish (author)jojo92012-12-17

Hi. We did do all the circuitry our self. Like we made the entire internal system at home. But there were several glitches in the end. Therefore I highly recommend that you take some help from any relative/friend who is currently an electrical engineer.

abdullaharoon (author)2012-12-10

is there any other area easily accessible! sher shah not easily accessible

Ummm, not that I know of to be honest.

abdullaharoon (author)2012-12-10

read ur Oct 31, 2011. 8:58 PM

abdullaharoon (author)2012-11-25

ill be participating in lums psifi 2013....and as a private what do you mean by hard time???

Hard time? I'm sort of confused here.

Kiteman (author)2011-09-08

Are you going to publish a step-by-step of building a fighting robot?

howtowithmanish (author)Kiteman2011-09-09

Should I?


Kiteman (author)howtowithmanish2011-09-09

Haha, should you? 

Let me introduce you to a bit of Instructables history...

howtowithmanish (author)Kiteman2011-09-09

Haha the Zeroth Law?

Well i would love to but, i am in high school so i dont have that much time to make it again :P

howtowithmanish (author)Kiteman2011-09-09

Well not of the same fighting robot, but of a newer and better version of it.

i want to participate in Lums PSIFI but i want to know whether I should start making my confirmed entry into that competition. I mean what is the entire process of getting selected?

Depends on whether your representing your school or a private team. We went via school so they let us come but they give private teams a hard time though.

we are going through school.
is there any size limitation of the robot for robowars and what was the rpm of the motor which you used in ur robot.
do we have to make our robot now or on spot at the competition

Yeah Last time is was 3 by 3 by 2 feet. 2500rpm. make it now

where did u get that motor from and how much did it cost?
what did u use to make it radio controlled?
and is 2 Feet the height?

Sher Shah in Karachi, I dont remember how much it cost us. Google Radio Controlled robots and yes 2 feet

was there any limit to the weight of the robot?
and i am having problem finding some wheels any advice

20kg, and try sher shah you can find almost everything there

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