This is a static prop of the kiss of death based on a real marble sculpture from 1930 found in a cemetery in Barcelona Spain. We decided to make the human form be a woman instead of a man and we used our grey stone paint scheme that we often use with our Halloween props.

The prop consists of 2 wooden bases covered in foam, a rigid foam female body with a wig draped in a monster mud coated shroud, and a pose-able skeleton with attached foam carved wings.

Step 1: Female Body Form

Modifying a Foam Body Form

The female body form, head, and hands were purchased from prop company as a custom order to have their stock foam rubber pieces cast in rigid foam.

The body form came in 4 separate pieces. A torso, hips and legs, and 2 arms with no hands. To create the woman in that position:

We had to cut the hips and legs apart and reshape them into the position we wanted and using a 2-part expanding foam from Smooth-On. We built up dams with painters tape or gaffers tape to fill in the gaps with 2-part expanding foam and sanded out the excess, to create the missing body shape.

We attached the head, torso, hips and legs, arms, and hands together with gorilla glue and then foam filled the gaps and sanded/sculpted them.

We made sure to attach the head with the neck bent into position by cutting the neck at an angle, filling it with expanding foam and sanding it down.

The fingers in the hands were bent to rest on the base by heating the foam hands up with a head gun and using gloves to slowly and carefully bend the fingers to the desired position.

<p>Where do you store something this big after halloween is over, it just seems so huge. I mean I would love to do this, but storage of such a large prop would be a problem for me. Also what about rain? does it hold up in the rain?</p>
<p>As for storage the prop comes apart into separate pieces. The base is two boxes. The wings detach and the female body and skeleton separate from the base. We store it upstairs in our shop. The boxes make good storage too. As for rain it is made of styrofoam, wood, plastic and is painted with exterior latex paint. We keep it up for the entire month of October in Oregon rainy weather. No problems at all.</p>
<p>that's mesedup</p>
<p>great job guys you were sure to win this contest</p>
Amazing work congrats on your win :)
omg! talk about talent!!!!! just amazing. where did you go to school for this. Just amazing!!!! Not that I'm creeping You I just want to see all your stuff!!! Im fan definitely!!!! awesome job keep em coming.
<p>No school....just been building props for 16+ years. Lots of trial and error :D</p>
<p>Absolutley flawless, I love it</p><p>Got some great ideas and your presentation left nothing to guess at</p><p>Hope to try it very soon, thank you cannot express how great this feels to me</p>
<p>Thanks so much! Please share pictures of your creations!</p>
<p>OMG! Absolutely BRILLIANT...and beautiful...and I'm completely envious of your talent! You easily have my vote!! Out of curiosity, how long did this amazing project take you to complete?</p>
<p>It took about 3 months - I would say there is 100+ hours of work in that one.</p>
<p>awesome ! I am envious I don't own this :/ lol </p>
<p>Love it!</p>
such a wonderfull piece of art work awsom love it
<p>This is really awesome!</p>
<p>Great Job!!</p>
<p>what is your source for foam body parts? This is such an awesome piece!</p>
<p>We had the body custom poured from a prop vendor. Still waiting to hear from them if they are willing to sell them to others. Will post it here when we find out.</p>
<p>Wow, you guys do inspiring work. So impressed!!</p><p>The "monster mud" you refer to . . . is that a mixture you make yourselves, or something ready-made that you purchase? That looks like really useful stuff!</p>
<p>We make it ourselves. Four parts premixed drywall mud and one part exterior flat latex paint.....mix and go to town. We use it for lots of things.</p>
<p>Thanks for the faux stone recipe!</p>
<p>is it wrong it want this in my front garden?!? truly amazing work guys</p>
<p>Right? It does give one ideas...</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
<p>You can do these sculptures with styrofoam??? Thanks for this amazing instructable! You get my vote.</p>
<p>I love this project, I think I saw it on HF or Haunter's Hangout. Amazing work...guess I can forget winning this competition, lol.</p>
it's very professional! very realistic!
Amazing :)
<p>It's cool.</p>
INGL&Eacute;S<br>Wow! An admirable work, perfect in every detail!
<p>Wow, very impressive!</p>
<p>a beautiful piece of art!</p>
Love it
This is brilliant. Well done!
This is super cool. Thanks for sharing the process.
<p>This is so stunning that I could have sworn it was a real stone monument.Thanks for sharing your great work.</p>
<p>This is EXCELLENT!!!</p>

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