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This is a unique way to present small gift items like party favors, bite-size pastries, and even chocolate kisses!

Step 1:

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Materials needed:
1. Paper plate (foil surface), 2 pieces
2. Double-sided adhesive tape (or regular transparent tape)
3. A pair of scissors
4. Pen
5. Ribbon

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The cone.
1. Cut away the ridged outer part of your paper plate
2. Mark the center
3. Cut across up to the center
4. Approximate the circumference you want for your cone

Step 3:

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1. Trace along the edge with pen to mark the point where you will cut the paper afterwards
2. Cut.  There should be a centimeter allowance from the mark you made previously...
3. achieve a cut-out shown in the photo
4. Fold in the edge you just cut to make a flap
5. Put a strip of double-sided adhesive tape on the flap and cut inner end diagonally

Step 4:

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1. Make a knot with your ribbon as shown in the photo
2. ...and insert it to the tip of the cone (leaving the knot trapped as anchorage) just before you stick the edges together

Step 5:

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The base.
1. Outline the base of your cone on another paper plate
2. Leave an inch allowance from the mark as you cut
3. Cut small strips from the edge to the mark as shown in this photo
4. Fold in the strips towards the center
5. This will serve as the base of your cone
6. Stick small strips of double-sided adhesive tape around the base

Step 6:

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1. Place the item inside
2. Stick the base to your cone. A transparent adhesive tape can also be used
3. Tie the ribbon to make a nice bow

Step 7:

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Imagine. Create. Share. Feel good!


Dream Dragon (author)2010-12-14

It looks gorgeous, and I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to package gifts, but why do you call it a "Kisses Gift Cone", is the bear called Kisses?

hushy (author)Dream Dragon2010-12-15

Oh no.
I got the inspiration from the packaging of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses :-D

Thank you for the comment.

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