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Cards are always a good thing to make for special occasions. They're pretty easy, and even though they might end up being cheaper than the ones you can buy in the shops, that little personal touch is priceless!

Here's one I designed for Valentine's day.

Step 1: Getting your materials together

Picture of Getting your materials together
You will need:

- Card - A4 size
- Scissors
- Pencil - a light one that you can rub out or colour over so it won't show
- Ruler

This card requires you to be able to draw a face. So if you aren't sure of your artistic abilities you might also want the template below. Or, in its original size, here: http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F2V/H9LP/FCTI5KUQ/F2VH9LPFCTI5KUQ.bmp
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Mauigerbil2 years ago
Top one looks like me and my BF!! Lol!
hey look what i made!!!! :)
i'm going to give it to my boyfriend
we've been together for a year now

btw he's the one on the left side
we sorta look like a lez couple though
cause he has long hair too
very cute lol, I am using this for our 1 year also!
and that is funny about the long hair lookin lez thing XD
haha cool
good luck!!!
Daniella145 years ago
Your idea was brilliant and creative. I enjoyed it. Thanks(:
Do you know how to get a girlfreind for me.an ugly dude???????????????????//
Tdburn7 years ago
Hmm I wish I had a girlfriend right now to give this to, but perhaps I should just send it to random girls I know and see what kind of response I get.
Yeah...same here...all aboared the lonely train...*sighs* oh well...thx for the idea of sending to random girls...mabye I might find another new girlfriend...
same here
car15 years ago
this is great!
shishnit5 years ago
Thanks for the great idea! I used a real photo of us kissing for the card since I'm not the best drawer :) 
THYMETOCHAT5 years ago
OK...here's the old folks version of your card...please note the granny "diamonds" on my eyeglasses!  LOL
OK, what am I doing wrong that my pic didn't post??? 
Helixthecat (author)  THYMETOCHAT5 years ago
How did you go about posting it?
I went to add images, then (upload, My computer) and Browse.  My pic uploaded and had the word "add" under it.  I clicked on "add" which I assumed would add it to the post, but apparently it didn't. 

The "upload" tab has a box in the center and, in orange writing says "Upload new images/files using the Browse button above"...but the Browse button is NOT above, it's below.  Not that that should change whether something uploads or not. 

Now, if I try to re-upload the card, it's apparently somewhere in the system because it says "kiss card.jpg" and then [remove} in orange which seems
to suggest the pic is there somewhere.  There's a small circle to the left of the words "kiss card.jpg" that looks as if you are supposed to click on it, but it's greyed out and can't be clicked.  When I go to "my library" it's empty.

Helixthecat (author)  THYMETOCHAT5 years ago
Hmm. I don't know what's wrong there. I get an option to try the new flash uploader. Perhaps that will work.

If that fails then you could upload it to something like imageshack and then post a link on here.

lewisjones5 years ago
 Very good idea for a card. Just made one myself. 
Helixthecat (author) 5 years ago
Wow! I never thought I'd get so much interest in my card, not to mention two years after posting it!

Thanks for all your great comments everyone. The photos are especially neat.

If you made one for this year I hope it goes down well with your significant other.
THYMETOCHAT5 years ago
I make cards for all occasions for my family and friends and have been stressing on a card idea for hubby for Valentine's day...none of my ideas seem "just right".  Then lo and behold, Instructables and YOU come along to save the day!

GREAT card...I can't wait to make it this afternoon!  (BTW, this old gal has been married for 41 years and STILL likes to kiss my old man!)
Radigund5 years ago
 Thank you so much! This was a memorable addition for the v-day gift I will be giving to my partner this year!   :-D
this is great! i'll give this to my girlfriend who says she wants "nothing" for her birthday..
Yeah it shoud say..."I couldn't find any nothing , so I made this for you"
This would be awesome, but, im cursed or somthin... because i always get dumped EXACTLY one week before Valentines Day...I guess I could make one for my Companion Cube...or my dog...or somthin...
I absolutely love this!  I've made one for my hubby who is currently in Haiti with the Canadian Navy and won't be back until March (I guess I'll just have to save it until then).  The template is great because it gives you a place to start.  Way to go!
takco5 years ago
I like kissing, I like to kissssss a lot!
Noor Oday5 years ago
 So Nice! Thanks.
that is really cool!
knuckel5 years ago
 This has to be one of the best cards you can make, this is great, good idea i will make one for my girlfriend 
I'm definitely going to use this!

You're going to make me look like a genius!
I love it! My friend's birthday is coming up, I think I'll edit so it's man on man. She is obsessed with gay men right now.
lol thats kool lol :)
rothko426 years ago
Ahh, I wish someone had sent me one of these. This is a lovely idea :). Maybe next year.......xx
marcward866 years ago
nice! i'm making one right now. after i'm done, i'll post a pic.
Here it is! I used white cardstock paper, and constructed it a little differently. I used little paper hinges underneath instead of folding it over. It looks pretty good, if you can tell. It's based on the photo we took a few years ago.
Picture 001.jpgPicture 002.jpg
punkrules6 years ago
this is a very cool instructable. you should enter this into the valentine's day contest...unless it's just for candy, i don't know, but either way very interesting =)
aufachse56 years ago
great job!
geoper26 years ago
really cute i am going to try it now that valentine's day is near thx for posting !!
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