This Instructable will show you how to craft kit to soap bubbles , from used Water Bottles.

Step 1: What We Will Need.

Empty water bottle(1-1,5 lt. for adultsfor ,0,5 lt. for children),scissors,blade.

Step 2: Cat the Bottle.

Cut the top and bottom part of the bottle.

Step 3: Bottom Part.

Bottom part, is container, for a soap bubble solution.

Step 4: Top Part.

We will blow,at the top of the bottle.
Remove a small portion of it, to adjust around the mouth.

Step 5: Finished!

Dip neck in a solution.Pull it.Blow easily.
We have a great soap bubbles!

Step 6: Video

Kit to soap bubbles from Recycled Water Bottles Step

Do the cat go into in the bottle? - Just joking - I think you mean cut the bottle.
the video isn't working!
What "recipe" do you use for your bubble solution? You video seems to suggest whatever it is, it works well. Looks like Dawn dishwashing liquid and water... but what else and what proportions?
I LOVE BIG BUBBLES!! :) cant wait to try it! :)
Kids will love this!! Can't wait to try it.
Much much better than those little "wands" that come in a bottle of bubble liquid!
Add glycerin to the soap/water mixture for thicker longer lasting bubbles!
What ratio of soap to water did you use?
I use 1-15 (15 parts water)
I use cheap shampoo .
oh man that is cool!
good idea:)
ha ha ha...nice
Wow, big bubbles.
very cool

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