Step 2: Center Stage

Picture of Center Stage
Towel Rack Full.jpg
Now that we had a nice place to hang our sponges and scrubbers when we were washing our dishes, we would need somewhere to hang our dishcloths and towels after we were finished drying them.

I had purchased an adjustable silver curtain rod for a  window in the house, but it turned out to be slightly to large.  However, it was the perfect size to turn into our kitchen towel rack!

Simply adjust the rod as directed on it's packaging (usually rotating to lengthen or shorten the rod) at the desired spot to secure on the wall.  Make sure it is level, and try to give it a few extra rotations - It will give your makeshift towel rod more strength.

Note:  This is not as secure as a mounted towel rack, be sure not to put large amounts of weight on it or hang objects other than towels or dishcloths on it.  However, my rack CAN hold up to 5 heavy-duty kitchen towels.