Kitchen Knife Holder





Introduction: Kitchen Knife Holder

My wife wanted some kind of knife block. But we have several different sorts and types of knifes.

The first idea was to buy a magnetic knife holder, but these holder didn't fit into our kitchen... said my wife.

So I've build it my self...

Therefore I've used a ledge from IKEA in the same color of the kitchen and a stainless steal sheet from a old coffee machine and magnets from old HDDs.

Step 1: Mill Out the Ledge and Glue in Old HDD Magnets

I've milled out a pocket in the ledge. Then glue in the HDD magnets. Use cheap hot glue and pay attention to the destroying force of the magnets.

Step 2: Stainless Steel Sheet on the End

As mentioned in a previous step, I've used the casing of a old industrial coffee machine.

With an grinder and file I've adapted the sheet to the dimensions of the ledge.

Then add epoxy to the end to close all the pore in the ledge. When the epoxy is hardened use super glue to stick firmly the sheet.

Step 3: Screw Down the Holder

Screw the holder to the wall. I've used two stainless steel TORX screws, these look nice... said also my wife :-)



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Nice idea! Love the recycling idea and my tech son saves these wonderful magnets!

Since I'm a novice here, could you please tell me what an HDD is? Sorry just don't know a whole lot yet.

Oh sorry, sometimes I forget my technical background.

HDD is a "hard disk drive", the old style storage device from a computer.

I love that you recycled old HD magnets! Those magnets are so strong and have so many great uses!

I use them everywhere, to hold documents in the shop, to fix a planked over my wind shield of my car (in the winter) and to build non visual joints... stay tuned, I'll make an update in a few ... weeks

PS. I also try to recycle as much as possible.