Introduction: Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holder

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Seeing my mom, having trouble with knifes placing here and there, sometimes in utensils holder. So some videos on Youtube and some other projects got an idea to do it!. With Cost effective and reusable stuff.

Step 1: Magnets

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- Got these magnets from TV repair shop.

- Cost was Rs. 50 = $ 0.736 = 0.597

Step 2: Ripping Apart.

Picture of Ripping Apart.

Taking out the magnets from the casing was pain in the butt ... but got them out successfully.

Step 3: Wood Selecion

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- Found out some wood panels on the attic

- So got them and made cuts as per the requirement.

- As I don't have Circular saw, took help of a Carpenter.

- Length and width of the panel depends on requirement.

- mine is 36 cms x 1.5 cms x 5cms.

Step 4: Mistake and All Set

Picture of Mistake and All Set

- So , when I wanted to drill the holes for the magnet made all measurements but was in some other thoughts made whole drilling but got an awesome idea and Mixed Resin with glow in dark powder to it :)

- Adjusted the measurements and drilled all the five holes.

Step 5: Veneer Sheet

Picture of Veneer Sheet

- Got some veneer Sheet and cut as per the measurements on both sides.

- Sorry guys missed to take the pic when placing the magnets.

- I stuck the magnets with Resin mix which i had left over and for my surprise it was way to strong and worked out well.

Step 6: Attaching L Brackets

Picture of Attaching L Brackets

- Got 4 = 1 inch L brackets and attached them to the corners.

Step 7: Nailed It

Picture of Nailed It

- With some twists and turns , attached to the Window .

- Added some glow in the dark strips at the end of holder so that It can be seen in dark too :)

Step 8: Finally

Picture of Finally

- Finally got everything in place and saw the strength and it works perfect.

- At the end got an idea and i had some screw hooks in handy, so placed them at the end of the wood plank.

- Worked perfect to hold Scissors, Stove Lighter and vessel pot handler ....

Hurry Second project came out good.

Suggestions and comments are really appreciated.

Step 9: This Is How It Looks in Dark ( Actually Its Not Totally Dark )

Picture of This Is How It Looks in Dark ( Actually Its Not Totally Dark )

But it works :) easy to find in nights ( better to be safer than got stabbed by self in dark :p )


Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2017-01-02

I love the use of the veneer and I also love the way you got your magnets! Really cool window by the way!

Thank you so much for you compliment and it means a lot, it encourages me to do more..! :)

No problem! I am really tempted to make one of these now out of a branch! (If you've never seen what I'm talking about you have to Google it! They are sweet!)

awesome! please do share once you finished!

Swansong (author)2017-01-02

We have one similar to this and we love it :)

raajs3s (author)Swansong2017-01-02

seeing and referring to others did this one. thank u so much Swansong

dizzle976 (author)2017-01-02

I like it!

raajs3s (author)dizzle9762017-01-02

thank u so much dizzle976

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