Kitchen PC With Laptop Twist





Introduction: Kitchen PC With Laptop Twist

I wanted to build a Kitchen PC, but needed it out of the way. I saw the Sony undercabinet tv's and had this idea. The brackets are simple L brackets that I put in a vice and hammered into the shape you see in pic 1. It looks pretty ugly from this angle but no one over 4' will ever know. I drilled the holes down from inside the cabinet so it doesn't have screws pointing up.

Step 1: Mount Laptop Upside Down

The brackets are simple L brackets that I put in a vice and hammered into the shape you see in pic 1. It looks pretty ugly from this angle but no one over 4' will ever know. I drilled the holes down from inside the cabinet so it doesn't have screws pointing up.
This picture doesn't show the cords, but they were hidden under the cabinet lip with zip ties and double sided tape.

I also mounted a USB Hub with DS tape for the wireless adapter and wireless keyboard/mouse.

Step 2: How Did You Reverse the Display??

I didn't use any genious hardware hacks, just a feature of the graphics adapter software. It allowed me the switch rotate image 90, 180, etc. The graphics card didn't seem to support the rotate function built into windows. If your notebook doesn't allow this I found a program called PivotPro which seemed to do the same thing.

Step 3: Software

*Mastercook - Recipes etc
*Google bookmarks allow bookmarking recipes when using main PC and using in Kitchen
*WinAmp (now Itunes, I know, I know) - for listening to tunes
*PowerDVD for movies
*Yahoo Widgets for weather forecast, grocery lists, and displaying photos
*Windows Slideshow Screensaver - plays our awesome vacation pix to when pc's not in use.

Step 4: Speakers

There was a gap between the cabinets that allowed me to run the speaker wires above the cabinets. I hid the speakers amongst the crap, I mean decorations.

Step 5: Finished

If you make the font gigantic you can use the screen from the island but for the most part we use it from up close. This makes a great pc for quick email checks, checking weather, and recipes. People are always impressed when they see the pix scrolling by also.

This was built entirely by parts I already had laying around except the L brackets which cost about $2 for 4. Enjoy!



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    And yes. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Kit Would not it be better to be compact and if it could be a bluetooth? This will leave all USB ports free. I use this Wifi kit because it is compact - Logitech MK220.

    Cool solution, but why not put a smaller and n-shaped from the sides? It would have been more beautiful, and one in front of it, a straight or a small straight, and something in the back would not move. I'm curious, however, on this rack, how would you cool it to avoid overheating and damage?

    I love the simplicity of this project. Easy-peasy, living greasy!

    Nice idea with the mounting of the USB ports.

    Awesome project! I built mine with a rail system, and the computer can slide into the rails. Also, I bought a TV tuner and now I have a 17" LCD TV for $36.00. My problem is that there is no way to spin the display on the nVidia GeForce FX Go5600. I found Pivot Pro, but is there a free hack i could use?

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    maybe you can use the VLC media player since you can rotate what your are playing and also have an option to enable a capture device maybe your TV tuner can work with it. + is free

    Nice idea...since lots of people have their cellphone with them all the time; use a mobile app to control the pointer and keyboard from your cellphone btw I'm using "sensor mouse" for Android.

    You can find inexpensive tablet pc's on eBay now running under $100 at times which would allow you to position the screen closer to the front edge of the cabnets making it easier to see. It also would have the added benefit of a touch screen or atleast stylus controle.

    If not slap a magnet to the back of and stick it on the fridge when not using it. keyboard and touch pad together makes for a great kitchen PC and its the size of a standard remote.

    In Windows XP you can enter Ctr+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right to orient the monitor on any side. I don't know if there is any XP compatible graphics cards that can't do it, but I've never seen one that can't.

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    for me, it only works on Intel graphics cards because the drivers are the one that give the ctrl-alt-arrow, as i saw in the control panel for it.

    I did something similar (inverted laptop) for a long car trip we were taking. I thought it would be a great DVD player for the kids. Everything looked great and Windows XP inverted the image properly until I actually got onto the road and played the DVD. It seems DVD's (on many laptops) bypass the rotate functions and "talk directly" with the hardware! Point here is that if you want to look up receipes, surf the net, AND watch a DVD while it's under the counter, check your laptop out first to make sure both functions remain inverted.

    yeah we do that to the new guys at work, but this laptop didn't support it!

    I like you kitchen PC. Has anyone made something simple like this? It's simple but, it would be interesting to make something of my own. Cheers, Jason

    Now I'm jealous, The wood under my cabinets is clearly not strong enough.

    Only note, she asked how YOU did it.

    if you need good software to rotate your screen search google for "irotate" i used it on my old laptop

    Nice idea =) I would do that.... but I'm only 13... Anyways, instead of installing some software thingy, I found that if you press ctrl, alt, (down arrow key)... it turns everything upside down. To undo this, press ctrl, alt, up arrow key. You can also use the left/right keys. =P

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