With a PC in the kitchen you can look-up recipes, watch a movie/tv show, check your email, add items to the grocery list.  We use "Our Groceries" which syncs with android and iphones.

A project based off my other instructable dual digital frame/wall mount pc, same idea just smaller.

Step 1: Screen

I started with a piece of 15.5" x 9.5" 1/2" ply.  Measure the viewable area of lcd to be used and cut out appropriate size, flip it over and take a router to it (1/4 inch or so should do) for the screen to set into.

I cut the same size piece of 1/2" ply for the back piece and had some leftover baseboards from my last project for the sides.
I'm just curious, why not mount the mouse receiver to the back of the screen enclosure?

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