I bet that title got your attention, huh?
Kitchen Perversions is all about experimental cooking.
This is what happens when a bored mathematician with a penchant for frugal gourmet cooking has radishes that are about to go bad...

Step 1: You Will Need...

All measurements are approximations

Sugar (one cup)
Salt (1/4 tsp, 'pinch')
Milk (two cups)
Butter (2 Tbsp)
Egg (one) whisked

A pot
A spoon
A fork/whisk
Small cups to put the pudding in. I used my silicone cupcake cups- I suggest you pick up a few; they're good for a lot of things- holding seasonings, making small dessert cups, etc
This is really interesting. Thanks for describing the taste! I love radishes, but I can't say I'd ever think to make a pudding of them!
that's what kitchen perversions is all about- mixing up flavors and cooking techniques to get something... less than real.

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