This table is a good project for someone who has no real power tools and limited hand tools. The only thing I used was a cheap cordless drill, a screw driver, tape measure, and some sand paper. It is a nice looking table when finished.

Step 1: Overview

The table of this instructable is more of a counter than a table, however, modifications are very easy and any size could be built with the same plans. This table is 6 ft long by 28 in. wide and approx 36 in. in height. The top in this example is made with clear white pine 1x4's, you could use 2x4 or 1x6 etc. The Base is 1x6 clear white pine with clear white pine 2x3 legs. (Clear white pine is wood free of knots).

I cut all the wood at home depot then assembled it at home. I have no power tools except a cordless drill which you could do with out.

8- Clear pine 1X4 buy the 6 ft lengths so there's no cutting. Be selective with these, check how straight they are and how nice they look.
1- knotty pine 1X4 buy an 8ft. length and cut into three 24.5" pieces for strapping to hold table top together
2- Clear pine 1X6 buy 6ft. length and cut two at 70"
1- Clear pine 1X6 buy 8ft. length and cut three at 24.75"
2- Clear pine 2X3 buy 6ft. length and cut four at 35"
16- 1/4"X1.5" Lag bolt
40- #10 wood screws 1" long
12- #10 wood screws 2" long
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You had me at &quot;no real power tools&quot; for a DIY on the cheap table it's pretty handsome! Seems very well explained, I may attempt building one but I will probably use table legs that you can get at the hardware store, provided they are a good length or I can get the staff to cut it down for me.
Just what I&nbsp;was looking for! I'm thinking of turning an old door into a table and the frame you've got looks good. <br /> Cheers<br />
This looks great. Good Job.
You should change the title to using LIMITED power tools as a cordless drill is a power tool, as it requires POWER to be used. Other then that, nice instructable with good drawings.
Thanks good comment!

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