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Introduction: Kite Aerial Photography - GoPro

So you have a GoPro Camera, and you wonder if you can use it to take pictures from below a kite.

Follow the few easy steps, and soon you will have pictures like the one's at my Flickr website:

Step 1: Part You Will Need to Buy

You will need a few specialist parts if you want to do this the right way.

[ If you want to see a quick and dirty method see my instructable for Smartphones ]

I bought the parts from, a specialist store for KAP Kite Aerial Photography

The Compact Picavet Package, gives you all the parts you need. They are:

1. The Picavet [ cross ]

2. Hangups [ to attach to the kite line ]

3. Ball bearing blocks

4. Line to make the complete Picavet

The GoPro will attach to picavet with an adapter that takes a quarter inch bolt. [ Multiple sources ]

The Brooked camera Keeper will screw into the GoPro attachment

Step 2: Complete the Lacing for the Picavet

Use the parts from the Compact Picavet Package and the Lacing Pattern Instructions [ from Brooxes ] and complete the Picavet.

Step 3: Attach the GoPro to the Picavet

Use the Threaded Handbolt [ Brooxes camera keeper ] and the GoPro Adaptor to attach the GoPro to the Picavet.

Now set the GoPro to the Interval setting and you are ready to let it go up the kite line.

Step 4: Kites I Suggest for KAP

I have used several different types of kites, but the two types best suited I list below

For lower wind I suggest a Delta such as :

For higher wind I suggest an Ultrafoil such as :

I myself have used larger kites, but large kites can cause serious injury so please take care.

I took the picture of the Lighthouse at the Southern tip of Africa with a:

but that kite is NOT a toy and should be handled with care.

Attach the Camera Rig to the kite line about 50 below the kite [ more stable ] and get the camera running and send it aloft, Remember to point the camera in the correct direction before you let it go up with the kite.

Enjoy your pictures, some of mine can be seen here:




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Questions & Answers


Cool idea but it would be much more effective using a drone... I just got a $100 drone and put an SJCAM on it, then sent it up...

Nice instructable! I did something like this a while ago (but with a much jankier method) and got some really cool shots