This is another Simple yet fun project
1.1/2" Pipies were used for most of the frame, a bicycle front fork from my daughter old Bike,tires are from an old Hand Trolly.
Hi.<br>Great buggy. <br>How did you make the axle stubs for the rear wheels. If possible a few pictures to my email would be great. I'll give you my email if you respond on here.<br>Thanks<br>Gareth
Hi Gareth <br>as you can see I was lucky to find tires fixed already with bearings and axles ,I only welded a small pipe to fit inside the main buggy frame with matching holes for safety pins , <br>I am using the same set of tires and stubs for my Blokart <br> <br>Hope this would answer your Question <br>Mbourhan
Hi yes that helps. I'll have to keep a look out for some decent wheels and not cheap plastic ones from garden centres ect. Thanks
Hi <br>I will take and send in some photos ,Thanks for your comment
Thank you.<br>My email is gareth_parker@btinternet.com
Hi Gareth<br>I'll take some more pics and send'em your way<br><br>Thanks for your comment
This looks fun. How do you slow down and stop?
Thanks.actually you de power the kite it self to slow down .but you got me thinking .I'll have to figure something to force stop

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