Picture of Kite boarding bar
Carbon fibre tangle free spinning bling blingin kite control system with integrated handles and manually activated release mechanism, now with colour coded leaders.
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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
1/4" double braid for rear leaders.
Bungee and sheath for safety leash.
Longhorn or similar bar. 3/8" center line, double braid is a must.
Slingshot swivel for the top of the adjuster.
Junior ClamCleat for the adjuster.
1" ss ring for the top of the leash.
1 snap for the bottom of the leash.
2" ss ring for the bottom of the center line.
Slingshot adjustable stopper for center line.
See second image for details of the QR assembly

Step 2: Put it together

Picture of Put it together
Work from the bottom up and then out. Bowline the ring to the bottom.

Step 3: Work out the dimensions to suit your build

Picture of Work out the dimensions to suit your build
First work out the comfortable distance that you want your arms to be holding the bar. You do not want to spend long periods of time riding bent over hanging on the to bar, too far away. If it is too close to you then you wont have any sheeting. The final measurements will depend on your kite and arm length. Most riders on normal 4 line kites enjoy a sheeting range between 6-10"

Step 4: Adjuster construction

Picture of Adjuster construction
Once you know your sheeted out distance you must make your adjuster long enough so you can adjust in when riding unhooked. I use a Junior Cleat with a ss bolt, washer with teeth and lock nut through the center line. Pass the line up through the Slingshot ss swivel (sometimes refered to as the 'mickey mouse' or just 'mouse' swivel) and back down through the cleat mouth. Finish off with a stopper ball.
espdp22 years ago
Can you please tag each component in a comment box? There's a lot of slang descriptions in here. I don't have any experience with these, and I'd like to know what each thing is. Thanks.
flywoodkb7 years ago
Be sure to use the metal clamcleats. I made a bar with a plastic cleat and after being worked over by a sandy spectra line for a few months it won't hold anymore.
JoeBees8 years ago
what exactly did you make here? It looks like you took a bunch of kitboarding gear and assembled it?
Most people don't have random kite gear lying around.
tylerars249 years ago
How did you mount the clam cleat to the rope? thats just a regular cleat, not a rope mountable one? What did you use to mount the cleat, thanks.
radiorental (author)  tylerars249 years ago
1/4" stainless bolt (with the countersunk head inside the cleat) then goes through the rope and washer (used a toothed one that comes with most straps/bindings) and a nut. Let me know if thats not clear and I'll take a pic