Step 16: Eating and Drinking

Picture of Eating and Drinking

Sedentary activities can look interesting if surrounded by things that make you look twice. Mention the Hare and the Tortoise and the last thing you would think of is both sitting down together with a cup of tea. This unusual situation makes the joke, add the ubiquitous dolls house crockery and we have an odd couple.

The problem is, how do you make a tortoise look benevolent and wise? Unfortunately this one is more like the 'Thing' from the Fantastic Four, you can't win em all.

Another Lady Gnome on the left, this one is feeding her face, she is tucking into a live suckling pig which has a surprised expression on its snout. Nursery rhymes and fables are a good source of inspiration, but keep it simple and try not to get bogged down with too complicated a design.

Remember, inspiration is bilt on ideas!
kolowinter6 years ago
It is obvious that you put an incredible amount of detail, humor, creativity, whimsy into your art. It was a pleasure viewing your contribution. Thank you for sharing your "secrets".
esen7 years ago
they are amazing.Im trying tomake dolls them.How can you make their dolls? Have a good day
Chris Bilton (author)  esen7 years ago
Thanks Esen for the kind words, by dolls do you mean soft toys?
Nearly Ill put their picture .They are Anatolian Dolies.you can see them from www.womanspace.blogcu.com
Chris Bilton (author)  esen7 years ago
Hello Derya, I like you dolls, they are wonderful, looks like you could easily make some of these in cloth, have a go and see!
This is a big surprise.You found me at my space.I liked it.Im trying to make faces and hand from clay but I should learn alot of technic and I cant find pushmolds in Turkey.shortly thank you my friend
Chris Bilton (author)  esen7 years ago
It can also be difficult finding the right size push-moulds. Try practicing making hands/ fingers with any sort of quick drying clay. Make lots of them then just pick the ones you think are the best. Evening classes in pottery might be an idea; they may let you make them there, it might be worth asking. Good luck Derya 'my new friend', hopefully we can communicate on myspace!