Step 2: Pattern

Remember, one SIZE fits all!

Ch 2

Round 1: 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook (6)

Round 2: 2 sc into each st around (12)

Rounds 3-7:  sc in each stitch (12)

Round 8: Ch 1, dc in each stich around, sl st to finish (12)

Sew in the ends

For the bow, I took pick yarn and just chained 35 with the G hook.  Then I alternated putting it in front of and behind the dc.

Multiply times four, unless your cat is one-legged.

inokodeyuu3 years ago
I'm sorry but I dont quiet understand what the sc, ch, st, dc, and sl mean. makes absolutely no sense to me... HELP plz!
anniemagz (author)  inokodeyuu3 years ago
No problem!

sc - single crochet
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sl - slip stitch

I think these videos cover all of those stitches:


Let me know if you still need more resources!

*Note: It is important to note that in my pattern you won't sl ch and turn after each row. You'll just continue in the same direction, kind of like a spiral. :)
wow, that was fast thanks. should help!