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Introduction: Kitty Calendar

This Instructable is all about the calendar my sister and brother-in-law made for my dad.  My sister's cat Zoe has been a much loved part of our family for many years and for Christmas this last year they decided to make my dad a calendar because Zoe no longer lives at my parents house and he often misses her.  They wanted it to be special and thus they spared no expense.  They found that the costumes people typically put on bears from Build-A-Bear fit Zoe perfectly so after a couple months of sporadic photoshoots and a bit of photoshop work (did I mention my brother-in-law is a graphic designer?) this calendar was born. 

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    Good luck on the Pets Challenge.

    Hilarious pics my friend.

    1 reply

    lol. I do like this, and good thinking with build-a-bear.

    This is... amazing!

    This is so nice! I especially like the hula cat. I've been meaning to do this with my cats for ages but only seem to get around to the annual wacky Christmas card photo. I do have a big box of kitty costumes, just waiting for the photo shoot. (someone once asked me what drugs I was on when I told them the tiny scarf I was knitting was for a pet chicken). I'll definitely make one for my son when he moves out.

    pretty awesome

    how cool is that,
    I'll give it a try with my cats, but i'm not sure if they like costumes.... but there's photoshop :o)

    Love the photos!