Here are the cat ears that matches my cat kitty paw gloves!

Materials: furry fabric, stretchy fabric, hair band or hair clip.
Tools: sewing machine/thread & needle, glue gun, scissors, marking pen, paper.

Step 1: Outline and Cut Pattern

You can use the same fabric as I did for the paw gloves, or any faux fur (back) and 4-way scretchy (front) fabric.

Draw and cut the pattern as shown on paper, with the inside (scretchy) fabric a bit smaller. When using faux fur, the different sizes for the front and back pieces will pull the faux fur to the front a little bit and create a faux fur brim in the front of the ears (super cute)!

Place the cut pattern on the fabrics as shown, draw the outline, and cut the fabric.
Good job =D<br/>
wut do u mean wow??? as a good wow or a bad wow??? i think its kewl

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