Introduction: Kitty Cloud Nail Art

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This tutorial will show you how to make AMAZING nail art

Step 1: Supplies

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First you want to get supplies: 1) any shade blue polish 2) black nail pen or striper 3) white 4) half of a bobby pin (or a dotting tool)

Step 2: Start By

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Start by painting on the shade of blue

Step 3: Then Add

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Then add three clouds. With the bobby pin (or dotting tool) and white polish

Step 4: Take the Pen

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Take the black nail art pen, or really, you could do grey, or orange, or yellow! Draw the body of the cat perched on top of the cloud. Then add a tail

Step 5: Give 'im a Head

Picture of Give 'im a Head

Draw a head and whiskers and ears

Step 6: Draw Eyes

Take the same shade blue on your bobby pin and dot eyes

Step 7: When That Dries......

Picture of When That Dries......

Draw white dots smaller inside the blue dots

Step 8: Finished!

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And then you're finished! It's that simple;) you can add more cats and have fun!!!! Leave a comment, see my other instructables, or even take a picture of your nails and leave them to me in comments!!! Thanks;)


momoluv (author)2013-05-08

Thanks!!! You should do it and show me a pic

jessyratfink (author)2013-05-07

eeeeeeeee! So cute. :D

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