Picture of Kitty Paw Gloves
Want to act like an Animal sometimes? These kitty paws will make you purrr...

Materials: furry fabric, stretchy fabric, felt.
Tools: sewing machine/thread & needle, glue gun, scissors, marking pen

Step 1: Fabric selection

Picture of Fabric selection
Choose fabric you like, anything furry will do. This is for the outside as shown. Four way stretchy fabric for the inside palm is best. Then decide the length on arm.
Wonderful! made some for a furry friend of mine, he loved them :3 thanx!!
possible to be hand sewn?
jenkat (author)  xXRRAAWWRRXx5 years ago
Of course! It's only sewing two sides, shouldn't take long.
Cool i was just wondering yesterday how i could make some glove thingies like that:)
Canary_Song7 years ago
ZOMG those look awsome! GIMMIE! =) You are great at the machine. Mines a midget sewing machine. _
i ahve some old stretchy mittens. now all i need is pink fabric!
mrmath8 years ago
Nice instructable. Who was taking the pictures?
jenkat (author)  mrmath8 years ago
Thanx, my kat took the pics! : )
nagutron8 years ago
Looks ready for Burning Man!
Hoopajoo8 years ago
Very cute indeed! I may have some of these made for my niece (I suck at sewing). She is into anime like her Uncle Hoopajoo, but she especially likes catgirls.