Anyone who has cats knows that cats love cardboard boxes more than little kids like the box the present came in. Receive a delivery in our house and you will have a cat in the box.

A perfect play room for a young kitten is a cardboard box. And cheap too!

Here is our kitten Bridget (named this as we rescued her on a bridge) with her toy du jour  a big cardboard box with a ribbon stapled onto it and a wiffle ball stapled to the ribbon. She can bite, scratch and play to her heart's content!

The best part is the afterglow. After playing furiously, Bridget becomes very tired!
That cat is so adorable!
That a good kitty
She is so precious! Looks like she is all played out. They love milk carton rings also. Thanks for sharing the instructable! <br>Sunshiine
thanks! We like those milk jug rings a lot-- I always find a gizzilion of them behind the fridge when I clean out underneath.
I always find stuff also. I try to clean it often but don't always manage like I used to. The cats can really throw them in the air!
aww what a cute kitten!
She is so cute! The best thing is that the never grow out of it, my cat is almost nine and he still loves playing in a cardboard box.
Thanks! She is a cute little bugger and also photogenic, or rather not scared by the camera. All of our kitties like boxes, no matter how old.

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