Klingon Bird of Prey Made Out of a Floppy Disk





Introduction: Klingon Bird of Prey Made Out of a Floppy Disk

You saw the New Star Trek movie, and the noticeable lack of Klingon disappointed you. So the most logical next thing to do is craft a bird of prey out of an old floppy disk. This project was inspired by Kip Kays "Make A Spaceship Out Of A Floppy Disk!".

Everyone loves Star Trek.
Klingons are cool, floppy disks are cool and Birds of Prey are super cool!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Floppy Disk
-Stanley Knife
-Cutting pliers
-Pinching pliers

Most of all you need a floppy disk. You can probably find a substitute for any of the other tools.

Step 2: Salvage the Metaly Bits, Snip the Thin Metal Bit

Step one is easy, tear the metal bits of the plastic bits. Now you get to make other Star Trek stuff out of the plastic bits -or- you can recycle that junk.

Now, snip the metal as depicted by the yellow box and picture.

Step 3: Cutting the Diagonal Slant of the Wing

Now using the ruler and knife you are going to cut a slant on the rectangular metal bit. You probably cant cut all the way through, so along the cut bend the metal back and forth until it snaps. (The pinching pliers are useful here.)

Step 4: Cutting and Bending the Wings

Now we bend the wings into shape. You can visualize how its done by looking at the pictures. You do this most easily by cutting a line with the ruler/knife, and bending along that line. However, dont bend too much, then it'll snap.

Step 5: Prepare the Hull

The circular bit from the Floppy becomes the hull, you do not need to manipulate it at all. What we do is insert it into a slant we cut into the long metal bits.

- First cut about half of the long metal bit off.
- Then cut a slant slightly below where you just cut.
- Slide the circular disk into the long metal bit.
- Insert the disk into the slant, it can be tricky, just work it a little.
- FInally bend what now have become flaps 90 degrees outwards locking the disk in place.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Congratulations! Your Bird of Prey is totally badass! Tweak the angels/cuts etc. to perfection and join my klingon Armada in our attempt to overthrow the Klingon High Council. cool.

If there are any problems with the instructable please tell me. This is my first ever Instructable, and contribution tastes delicious. Delicious like delicious cake.



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Well made! I always liked the Klingon ships better.

Always thought the ship designs in Star Trek were a little bland... I kinda liked the stargate ships (Except the flying pyramids). The Daedalus always looked epic in a space battle...

Wahoo! Memorial Break Project!

Your post inspired me to post my own design!

a mario tube! --------
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

They use Kronor in Sweden too! I was really pleased to see the monies again.

Is the outline of a servo?