Klingon Raktajino

Picture of Klingon Raktajino
Being a chef means I get to experiment making new dishes and drinks. Recently a friend threw a "Star Trek" Party and wanted me to make some of the food from "The Star Trek Cookbook", and to also create Star Trek Drinks from the various spin offs. Since I enjoy creating I decided to come up with my own recipes instead of using those that have been published, I wanted my drinks to be as alien as possible.
So here is the first drink Klingon Raktajino. I will try to add a new drink each month time and interest permitting.

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Step 1: Ingrediants

Picture of Ingrediants
It would be kind of hard to make Raktagino with out the ingredients"
1. Espresso Coffee
2. Cinnamon to taste
3 .Four whole cloves
4. Four Allspice pods
5. Dash of Nutmeg
6. Sugar to taste
7. Half packet Powdered Milk

Step 2: Combine

Picture of Combine
Combine all the ingredients except sugar and powdered milk into a coffee filter.

Step 3: Brew

Picture of Brew
Brew Raktajino in a Hew-man coffeepot, If you want really strong Raktagino you can double brew it.
Doubler brewing should only be attempted by the Strongest and Bravest of Warriors!!

Step 4: Add Sugar and Powdered Milk

Picture of Add Sugar and Powdered Milk
Add sugar to taste and 1/2 packet powdered milk to a pitcher while raktajino is brewing

Step 5: Mix and Stir

Picture of Mix and Stir
Pour the finished Raktagino into pitcher,then stir to mix coffee,sugar and powdered milk.

Step 6: Pour and Enjoy

Picture of Pour and Enjoy
Pour your self a cup and enjoy,though it is best drunk while telling stories of past battles with your warrior brothers!

Step 7: NOTES:

Picture of NOTES:
If you want to drink your Raktagino in true Deep Space Nine fashon you can order the cups they used from here for $12.50 It would make a great addition to any of you who collect Star Trek Props!
Dakota Joel987 months ago

Wow this looks really good!