Klokwerx - a Six Legged Clockwork/lego Automaton





Introduction: Klokwerx - a Six Legged Clockwork/lego Automaton

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Klokwerx is my second prototype in this project. Eventually the plan is to replace all of the Legos with wood, brass, and steel. The heart of Klokwerx is an antique brass and steel Seth Thomas clock movement circa 1890. Getting junked movements for my projects is one of the best fringe benefits of being an antiquarian horologist.



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    That's pretty good, it moves well.
    (Reminds me of an Arachnotron...)


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    @ lemonie

    Amazing. I realize this post is old but I saw your reply and just HAD to say something. For months I have been browsing this site, reading through 'ibles and marveling at peoples ingenuity. On more than one occasion, I have seen your name pop up and criticise the author for not providing proper instructions, etc, etc, etc, and getting into a debate about it. On this occasion, you just compliment it.


    Awsome enginnering. I personally don't mind if there are no instructions etc because for me, this site is about people ingenuity and creativeness with what is around them. 10/10 dude.

    Hi man - it's feedback.
    Ingenuity and creativeness become art if you don't know how they work. The site is (supposed to be) DIY and that involves knowing how to do things.

    (This one is good, it doesn't need an ask for more)


    The movement is a small Seth Thomas movement I salvaged from a broken mantle clock where I work. Fringe benefits of being an antiquarian horologist.

    duuude!!!!!!!!!!!dude thats fkin awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!