Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest Winners

Instructables and Klutz are happy to announce the winners of the Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest. The requirement for this contest was simply that a rubber band provide the power and the variety of entries was inspiring. Creations moved, flew, launched, and so much more.

The winners here were determined by user votes with the exception of the Judges' Choice and Flying Contraption prizes, which were selected by Klutz staff.

Cardapult the Business Card Catapult style
After seeing the business cards with gears a few months back (normal and planetary), I started thinking about what else could be made to fit in a business card. I wanted something unique and memorable...
Robot Racer style
Hi, Welcome to my instructable !In this instructable i will show you how to build a Robot Racer !The robot racer is a fast, fun, easy-to-build elastic band car.The car uses recycled tubes, bottle tops...
Rubber-Band Powered Altoids Boat style
This instructable is on how to build a Rubber-Band Powered Altoids Boat! Perhaps you remember making a boat out of a milk carton as a kid. Now here's one out of an Altoids Tin! They are a great thing...
Rubber Band Flying Paper Butterfly style
Some years ago, a local organisation was asking us to come out an idea in making a paper flying butterfly based on the commercial available one. It should be easy for children to make and low cost.The...
Altoids Danger Demolition Racer style
Altoids Danger Demolition Racer screams 20 feet or more across the floor with rubber band power. Knock down card houses or K'nex robots.
Tabletop Pinball style
This is a tabletop pinball machine made from all scrap wood and bits and pieces of things I've held onto just waiting for a project like this. The ball is from an old computer mouse, with the rubber c...
Rubber-band Powered Butterfly style
This little widget doesn't take much building, and will flutter across a room.(No video because I ran out of bands in prototyping, and I need to get this posted before the deadline.)
Ornithopter style
Here's how to make an ornithopter powered by a rubber band.(PLEASE VOTE!)You will need the following: (All my measurements are in inches.)Wood: (Balsa works well, but i used coffee stirring sticks)2 x...
Simple Jumping Toy style
An easy DIY toy that jump anywhere from 1-10 feet (higher?). Great for kids! This is my entry for the Klutz contest!Watch the whole video to see a fun jumper that can hit the ceiling. This projec...
50 Foot+ Rubber Band Rocket - New & Improved! style
This rocket is based on a kid's toy I saw a couple of years ago that was pretty amazing for the materials involved. I decided to recreate it and see how well my version would work. It was a little h...
30 practical uses for a rubber band style
One of my friends would always carry around several rubber bands and when I asked him recently, he started rattling off this long list that inspired me to make this instructable. Sorry about those wei...
Tooth paste squeezer style
in this instructable il show you how to make a tooth paste squeezer in very little time with very little money.
Portable Propeller Engine style
Have you ever had a rubber band powered balsa wood aircraft? I did, and i was mad when it broke. So i came up the the Portable Propeller Engine, I call it the Porta-Prop. It is a self supporting rubb...
Krazy Kan: A classic rollback toy style
You may recall your father or grandfather making this toy for you. Science classes often use it as a discussion springboard for an inquiry into how such a "mystery" can works like here in NY state and...