Picture of KneXtreme's Official Guide to Ball Machine Elements
Greetings all you fellow knexers.
      This is my official guide to all my ball machine elements. From now on (when I make a new ball machine or a new element) they will be posted here.  Keep checking back now and then for new elements. If you have not seen any of my ball machines here they are. Enjoy.

Step 1: Tire Stairs

Picture of Tire Stairs

This is a variation of one of Thilbault Art's element in his ball machine Route 66

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augustuss10 days ago

can you use blue rods for the spiral bowls?

knex crazy1 year ago

can you post a video of number 10: working or what time in what vid

www139 knex crazy5 months ago

It's on platinum I think path 7 but I'm not sure...

knex crazy1 year ago
Grate indestructible will haft to use some of them
Great elements! I'll have to use some.
This is one of the best guides!
There are many elements of this guide in my next ball machine! By example step 1... Thanks!
KneXtreme (author)  dickheijboer2 years ago
Thank you. Cool! Can't wait to see it. Ball machines are my favorite thing to build.
Thanks! Me to!
Awesome guide! I am using a few of these so I will give you credit on my work:)
I LOVE THIS GUIDE!!!!! Amazing!
Thanks man. Keep it up with your ball machines. I like 'em.
Thanks! So far I've just been "testing the waters" with only other people's ideas...it's time for me to start inventing my own elements!
No prop. Good luck designing elements. I'm interested to see what you come up with. Most of the time I just make a new version of a older element. Like a ferris wheel, stairs, or ball arm. Other times I base my elements off of other peoples elements. Like the gear/panel maze or the panel stairs. Hopefully this helps a little with designing new elements.
Thanks, I think it will. One reason I like your guide so much is that it uses odd pieces in cool ways. For example, I never seem to be able to find ways to use my panel pieces...and your guide is the only one so far that has several ways to use these otherwise dust-collecting pieces. Once again, great job!
I have a lot of panels, wheels, and gears so I always try to make elements out of them.
I like the element updates from Oxygen. I like them a lot! ;-D
Thank you.
I may use some, if that's okay. (Always credit, of course!)
The new elements are cool. I like the Side Winder and the Tire Stairs from Thibaultisthebest (Route 66 is great BTW)
KneXtreme (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks. I agree. Thibaultisthebest makes awesome ball machines.
I allready asked him to make an account here, but he didn't I don't know why.
He lives about 20 kilometres from me :)
www1392 years ago
nice work! you helped me with my path deviders!
KneXtreme (author)  www1392 years ago
Thanks. I'm glad I could help.
www1392 years ago
wow thats cool
www1392 years ago
TechKitteh3 years ago
Why does this step have no name :P?
KneXtreme (author)  TechKitteh3 years ago
Thank you for pointing that out. I guess I forgot.
Now I think that people can figure out what it is now.
TechKitteh3 years ago
I love the coaster spiral stairs,it's very usefull for me since I don't build roller coasters. So I can finally use pieces from my 2 Rippin' Rocket sets I got from my local GoodWill.
KneXtreme (author)  TechKitteh3 years ago
Thanks. So I take it that your building a ball machine.
ked19973 years ago
No, I have a slow computer and sometimes it lags, and i click enter multiple times when that happens...i feel stupid.
ked19973 years ago
When i ever get enough knex...I need to use all of these for a massive epic ball machine.
KneXtreme (author)  ked19973 years ago
Cool! Why did you repeat yourself 6 times? Making shure I saw this comment huh?
ked19973 years ago
Pure insanity.
Great guide! I'm sure I'm gonna use some of those elements!
What type of wood are your floors made of
KneXtreme (author)  Orangeprofessor3 years ago
They're actually not real wood. They're a laminate made to look like wood. It's called Pioneer Laminate Flooring.
I love this thing! :D
Thank you! These are awesome elements! I like the very last one, the high tech path selector how it resets itself, so genuine! You should send some projects into knex headquarters and give them ideas for a ball machine product! ; )
Thank you! These are awesome elements!
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