This is K'netic Energy, and largest and most complex K'nex Ball Machine to date!

To see a video of one ball going through each path, click here:

Here are some statistics about the machine:
- over 25 000 pieces
-5 lifts
-4 motors
-16 balls
-20 different paths
-6 months of construction

This machine also featured some new element designs as well. Some examples are the 2 way bridge over the door, the free-fall lift, the free-fall path with large yellow gears, and the trap doors.

An interesting fact about the machine; near the end of construction, carpenters came to redo my floor. As a result, I had to disassemble the entire machine in small chunks, and move it to my basement until the floor was done. Afterwards, I had to re-assemble and -realign all 28 sections that had been taken apart. The finished product looked exactly like before, luckily, and with no damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Not that big.. :/ but its really cool I have a 50000+ pce one
koolcoasterkid (author)  EliteKnex1011 year ago

Oh really?

Prove it.


I highly doubt he has. I mean he has not posted any 'Ibles to indicate he has that many pieces and he only joined 4 days ago...

koolcoasterkid (author)  hunter9991 year ago

He may have that many pieces, as he has already recreated Shadowman's Skeeball Machine.

Hehe! Yep he sure did

Yeah, he probably got the picture off Google or something

CooL !


I want that for my room now...
me too :D
I have it for my room :p


knexiskool1 year ago
waggy1011 year ago
Thats HUGE
jmiester1 year ago
According to your comment below, I'm about your age, and Goddamn I wish I had that much K'nex...
I'm moving soon, so HOPEFULLY my parents will let me do something like this :)
so happy!
I want to say that I can not type comment anymore !Because I am foreigner...
www1391 year ago
I'm soooooooo subbing!!!!!!
www1391 year ago
Raul531 year ago
You play too much with k'nex don't you
coolest thing i have ever seen done with k'nex. nice job
Thanks :)
Great mechanism! As a bit of a Friday treat, I showed 5 elementary classes your video, and it was a big hit :D Thanks for putting your ingenuity out there for the countless ways it can open eyes and inspire people! Adam
koolcoasterkid (author)  Adam Beaver1 year ago
I'm glad they liked it! :) Thanks
Awesome Machine... though I am epicly jealous... I wish I had that many pieces...
hawk451 year ago
friken awesome!
codongolev1 year ago
When people say that you have too much time on your hands, just say you were practicing spatial reasoning and creative design. Then ask about their video game/tv habits.
koolcoasterkid (author)  codongolev1 year ago
Haha, thanks.
WHOA!! That thing is awesome!!!
KneXtreme1 year ago
Nice job!
So were you the only 1 who did all of this? Or did you have someone else help you?
koolcoasterkid (author)  CrayfishYAY1 year ago
No, it was just me. Some friends do help sometimes but they just do small parts.
Lindie1 year ago
Wow! This is soooo cool! And your filming of it was great! How long did this take?
koolcoasterkid (author)  Lindie1 year ago
Thanks. It took 6 months to build.
ThePuzzler1 year ago
Whoa dude... That is awesome.
El Mano1 year ago
That easily has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
Tazo1 year ago
One of the coolest things i have seen!!!
blomeclown1 year ago
Why do some people have this childish fascination with rubber balls rolling across plastic ramps, down plastic spirals, up plastic elevators leading to moving ramps...............
Hang on ... video just ended ... have to restart it ... must watch it again ... and again ... and again ...
That is so neat-----
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