Easy to build..........true trigger......shoots grey pieces......please comment

Step 1: Grip

Step 2: Slide

Step 3: What You Should Have So Far

Step 4: Trigger and Trigger Guard

Step 5: Firing Pin, Mag and Bullets

Step 6: DONE!!!!!'

Very cool. i did have to make the trigger guard bigger, but otherwise perfect.
Looks Amazing!
Looks cool!
That is pretty nice bro, good job. =D
Thx man
Thx man.......if you build it right you have to pull the trigger to fire it
Man, you post fast! That thing is sweet looking, and I don't really feel like checking on what a real m1911 looks like for a refresher; I can just assume that you got it right. :3 <br> <br>And, seriously... Why are you getting so little views? You're definitely improving a lot, and I can see that you are on a rocket trip to becoming a pro builder. You seriously deserve more views... I mean, c'mon: one of your instructables has like 2 views and I'm one of them. In one day, you should easily be getting, at the very least, about 20. <br> <br>Oh, and have you ever checked out my profile? I've got some pretty cool stuff, so it'd be cool if you came on down and left a comment. :3

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