UPDATED: Knew Sniper With New Trigger System




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Introduction: UPDATED: Knew Sniper With New Trigger System



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    is it sling shot, firing pin, bolt action? please add this information to the slide show or when you post the gun

    1 reply

    looks like a bolt action, is firing pin one of those cheap guns that you pull a pin back to fire?

    um wheres the handle make a slot for it before posting also ranges??

    3 replies

    Not all guns are like that. Although they are more comfortable. The "new trigger system" might be in there.

    yer i was thinking that pointless with no handle and i want ranges lol

    i was thinking of posting more pics of how the whole thing works

    When you post the instructable, could you not post with every word beginning with a capital?

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    a new trigger system.... i am pretty sure its not possible, we'll see when you post instructions. We have the ratchet system, block triggers, and other types of more advanced block triggers. but what kind is this?

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    We also have sear triggers, sling triggers, and a semi auto trigger.

    wow post it!