Hey everybody!!!!!!! I am so excited to announce that this is my tenth instructable!!!!!! It is all of my builds in one instructable. I hope you love it. Please comment, rate, and subscribe!!!!

Step 1: The Pistol

This is my 6 round 3 shot burst barrel. It shoots 2 bullets at a time.

Step 2: The Car

This is my car that has...... opening doors, suspension, and trunk space.

Step 3: The V8 Engine

This is my V8 engine with 8 pistons and instructions.

Step 4: K'nex Jeep

Hey this is my jeep but it is not the best.

Step 5: The Rifle

This is my one shot rifle with great range.

Step 6: My Handgun

This is my gun with 6 or 7 shots I think.

Step 7: My 21 Round 3 Shot Burst Barrel

This is my gun that has 21 shots.

Step 8: My Pistol

This is my most recent handun that has 6 shots it is a 2 shot burst barrel

Step 9: My Hidden Instructable......... THE BATTLE BOT!!!!!

This is my hidden instructable that almost no one has seen. It is my motorized battle bot!!!

That battle not looks cool :-) Nice work
*bot xD
Cool constructions keep up the good work
<p>Thanks man, it means a lot.</p>
I like the jeep.
<p>Thank you and thank you so much for checking this out.</p>

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