This is a 10 wheeled, all around suspension, crawler/transport vehicle that I made in my spare time. I will post if asked at least 5 times.
i wet myself this is awsome
np i wish i had that many wheels, i only have 6
Then just shorten it up. Also u just made my 666th comment. LOL
666 is nothing to joke about
I know, Trust me.
i like this. that looks very good off road
It probably would be.
post please. its really cool
Its now posted if you still want to build it.
ok, i'm really busy with school right now though. I will be finished in a week or so, so I will post it then.
you known what you should do get some speakers alo post<br />
Speakers for what?
speakers for lisntnig and a house for gnomes<br />
I have speakers.
what about your gnomes<br />
these link coming up<a href="http://www.google.co.uk/images?client=firefox-a&amp;rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&amp;hl=en&amp;source=imghp&amp;q=gnomes&amp;gbv=2&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=g8g-m2&amp;aql=&amp;oq=&amp;gs_rfai=" rel="nofollow">www.google.co.uk/images</a><br />
I hate gnomes.lol
i know the stair at you in your garden lol<br /> <br />
shh their listng lol or is it yeah their not listning or are they<br />
lol they are.
whats that?
I am thinking about it but it won't be for maybe another week or maybe sooner.
&nbsp;Thats fine... I can wait.
ok its gona be a year. lol jk
nice!<br />
np<br />
hey dose it have a moter also post hey 5 requests to post&nbsp; lol<br />
ok I will try to post soon.
<p>No motor</p>
(coment deleted by author or comunity request also post)<br />
its nice and post<br />
please post<br />

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