One of my favorite shotguns next to the M1897 Trenchgun. It is a customized version of Blackshadow's Spas12. Credit goes to him. Mine is a little smaller than his, but the resemblance is basically the same. Instructions coming soon.

Step 1: Pictures

<p>Looks great!</p>
<p>Thank you good sir</p>
<p>That update makes it look much better than it original was </p>
I thought so to.
<p>Nice, I really like the stock. Do you have any ideas for your next gun yet?</p><p>I am subscribing. :) </p>
<p>Im going to try and make a M1897 Trenchgun.</p>
Cool, I am looking forward to it. :)
Looks good :) <br>do you by any chance have enough bicycles lol
Since they all belong to my Dad, then no, there's not enough. Lol
Thank you sir.
<p>Not bad Monkey, I like the iron sights when the stock is folded. What you could do is build my K'nex SPAS-12 and compare it with this one if you wanted to.</p>
Once I can buy more Knex I will do that.
<p>I take it Monkey you buy your K'nex of the user group like I do</p>
No, I got most of them from a friend for $20. 3 giant boxes full.

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