This is my first instructable. I am still learning how to make knex guns so sorry it is not the best. It is a gun with 2 barrels.
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Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle
You will need:
3 orange connectors
4 white rods
6 green connectors
4 of the small black connectors
1 blue rods

Step 5:

Picture of
You are done!
Kona-chan8 months ago
it's a block tigger, so, it won't be good in a knex war, just awfull in a knex war
try to look around the site for more advanced guns
skater78324 years ago
ok gun but definantly not pocket sized .
iamacat7 (author)  skater78324 years ago
Well u must have on some TIGHT pants on.
pls4 years ago
looks like my gatling gun lol
iamacat7 (author)  pls4 years ago
About that....... I made your gatling gun and as I was firing i thought about this gun.
pls iamacat74 years ago
Bartboy4 years ago
This is probably one of the better designs....

But try to build a true trigger.
Here are some examples:

is and okay example of a slingshot style gun.

Build one, then work on the trigger mech, and put it into your own gun.
You could be great.....
iamacat7 (author)  Bartboy4 years ago
Thanks I am still trying 2 get the hang of this.
Than any one of those should help you.
DJ Radio4 years ago
ooda's 2 shot on KI is better.
iamacat7 (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Sorry I am not that good! Read the description before commenting.
I got some feedback that was worse than what I gave you when I was a new guy myself. You could try building some good knex guns, then make your own.
iamacat7 (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago

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